Does beer make you fat?

many people like to drink with beer when they eat hot pot, and beer is indispensable when they eat supper at night. Many people worry about whether they will get fat if they always drink beer like this. The calorie of beer is not high. The calorie of a bottle of beer is about equal to that of two pears. We all know that eating fruit can lose weight, so what about beer? Some people say that the meat will grow fat, others say that drinking beer can lose weight, let’s have a look.

we all know that drinking too much is easy to gain weight, but the latest research shows that the calorie of alcohol is not the only reason for drinking to gain weight. Alcohol not only reduces the body’s fat burning, but also promotes appetite and affects the endocrine system, so that you can consume less fat and lose more muscle. As a result, you can imagine that you have a small stomach, And less muscle.

1. Alcohol blocks fat burning. One gram of alcohol is equal to seven thousand calories. In the past, people thought that drinking too much alcohol would turn into fat. In fact, it is not. According to the latest study published in the American Journal of clinical medicine, only about 5% of alcohol is converted into fat, but the body’s consumption of fat decreases by 73% after drinking. In other words, the body stops consuming fat and uses alcohol as fuel. It’s not difficult to see that people’s bodies are highly adaptable. When there is more fuel, they will use whatever they want without consuming fat. 2. Alcohol increases appetite. Drinking and eating are often combined. Alcohol is also an appetite enhancer, the same meal, if there are alcoholic beverages with meals, often people appetite. The appetizer effect of white water and carbonated drinks is far from so good.

3. Alcohol can affect endocrine. A large amount of alcohol consumption may lead to an increase in cortisone secretion and a decrease in testosterone secretion in the body in one day. The direct result is that the body will consume muscle, not synthesize muscle. If you drink a lot after exercise, muscle breakdown will be more severe.

to sum up, heavy drinking will not only have a lot of calories, but also inhibit the body’s consumption of fat, promote appetite and reduce muscle. It is suggested that friends who want to lose weight should not drink too much, especially after exercise. At present, it is generally believed that drinking beer will lead to beer belly. But Professor Kohl of Freiburg Medical College in Germany pointed out that comparing the calorie content of beer, wine and champagne, we can see that the calorie content of beer is the smallest. This conclusion may surprise many people. Therefore, it can be said that beer is not the main cause of beer belly. According to German beer website on August 15, researchers from Freiburg Medical College pointed out that the appetizer function of wine is the main cause of beer belly. Because this function of wine can promote the secretion of saliva and the formation of digestive juice, so that the food in the mouth can be more easily digested, and can promote drinkers to eat more than non drinkers. In other words, people will drink and take in excess nutrients, the body will accumulate fat layer, and the abdomen is the easiest to accumulate fat, so it forms a beer belly. The researchers also pointed out that moderate drinking of beer will not cause weight gain, and may also lose weight, because alcohol can promote fat burning. In addition, beer can promote the combustion of fat and sugar. Beer can also affect blood clotting and blood pressure. For example, beer can reduce the level of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL) in the blood and increase the level of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL). This can play a positive role for those who are engaged in physical exercise and can have a reasonable diet. Although

wine contains calories, it has no nutrition, so we should choose nutritious food to eat, such as roast fish, cold tofu, tomatoes, etc., especially tofu, which contains vitamin B, digestible fat and rich protein. And vegetables can supplement minerals and vitamins. Don’t eat fried food while drinking beer.

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