Does bitter gourd really lose weight after dinner?

balsam pear is the most common summer food on the table. It can cool and detoxify, and also has a good weight loss effect. It can inhibit the absorption of fat, effectively decompose fat and toxins in the body, and then excrete them out of the body. Although it is bitter, but the effect of weight loss is very strong, many people can get the pleasure of reducing fat in its bitter. So can eating balsam pear really reduce weight? The following small series to answer for you.

balsam pear weight loss speed will not be very fast, because eating balsam pear and reducing the intake of three meals, coupled with the balsam pear itself weight loss effect, is the correct reason to speed up the speed of weight loss. However, don’t take balsam pear as a psychological comfort, think that eating balsam pear, how much to eat is OK, then it will only get fatter and fatter. Although you don’t need to go on a diet to eat bitter gourd, at least you should reduce your spicy and greasy intake. Eat bitter gourd to lose weight, defecation will be more and more smooth, if there is serious diarrhea, that stomach can not stand, can reduce the consumption of bitter gourd or stop eating for a period of time.

in the past few days of menstruation, the intake is reduced by half in summer and stopped in winter. In spring and autumn, it depends on the individual’s physical condition. And don’t buy any weight loss drugs that contain momordicin. Momordicin is a kind of thing which is very strict in extraction and stability, so it is also very expensive. And the best way to get it is to eat it directly.

balsam pear weight loss correct eating method

this method is to use balsam pear and lotus leaf, thousand pieces together, because lotus leaf is also a good product for detoxification and weight loss, diuretic lotus leaf can significantly improve constipation. Qianzhang (bean skin in some areas) is rich in high-quality protein and lecithin, which can prevent vascular sclerosis. Now let’s tell you how to eat bitter gourd.

above is the answer about whether balsam pear can lose weight. Many people have difficulty swallowing its bitterness and are unwilling to try it. Xiaobian suggests that you can use vinegar to flavor it, so that the bitter taste of balsam pear will be reduced a lot. Want to lose weight effect is good, but also pay attention to the method of eating, bitter gourd must eat raw, otherwise the water will let the loss of bitter gourd.

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