Does coffee make you angry?

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can you get angry when drinking coffee?

is it easy to get angry when drinking coffee? It has always been a problem that puzzles many people. In fact, drinking coffee is infuriating.

caffeine in coffee is difficult to melt in cold water, but it is easy to dissolve in hot water. Caffeine can stimulate the cerebral cortex, eliminate drowsiness, increase feeling and thinking ability, and can be used as a cardiotonic to regulate heart function. It can also dilate kidney blood vessels and diuresis. However, caffeine is not only coffee. Usually, a cup of coffee contains 60-65mg of caffeine. But excessive intake of caffeine, prone to tinnitus, myocardial hyperfunction (rapid heart beat, increased pulse times). And the pulse is uneven, so you must drink coffee in moderation.

a cup of coffee after getting up in the morning is to wake up. A sip at work during the day can refresh you. At this time, the coffee can be slightly strong. It is better to drink coffee lightly after meal or at night. Coffee or tea have the effect of refreshing, but it is not suitable to drink with meals, should be drunk after meals. Some friends like coffee very much, but they are afraid that they will get angry if they drink it often. We often see many people light coffee, this way of drinking coffee is not easy to be healthy. You should add a cup of white water when tasting coffee. This has two advantages: first, drink a mouthful of white water before tasting coffee, wash off the peculiar smell in your mouth, and then you will feel mellow. Second, because of the diuretic function of coffee, drink more white water, improve urination, promote renal function. In this way, you can not only taste the delicious coffee, but also don’t have to worry about getting angry. It’s killing two birds with one stone.

from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, coffee has a diuretic effect, easy to increase the loss of water in the body, so after drinking coffee will feel dry. Fire can damage Yin. Burning itself can lead to dry mouth, sore throat, dry skin, dry stool and other symptoms of insufficient Yin fluid. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not drink coffee when burning to avoid adding fuel to the fire.

how to drink coffee on fire

1, fire drink: honey water. Honey is a treasure, not only can nourish the face, moisten the intestines, but also can remove the dry fire from the body. You can drink more water every day, moisten your throat and intestines properly, which is very good for your body.

2, supplement water, moisten the body. Usually more water, do not wait to drink when thirsty. I usually drink a glass of water. Eat more fruits with water, such as grapefruit, white pear (pear hurt spleen, so a small pear is OK). Eat as few apples as possible when you are on fire.

3, air humidity: in autumn, try to let moisture in the room. The use of air humidifier, or frequent cleaning furniture, frequent cleaning can make the indoor air clean and not dry. Indoor environment should not be too wet, a little moisture is enough.

4. Fire expelling acupoints: use acupoints on the body to help expel fire. Hegu Point: it’s usually called hukou, between thumb and index finger. Usually more massage stimulation hukou, strength in their acceptable range can. No matter where you have time to press this acupoint, it’s very convenient, and the effect is obvious.

5, go out protection: do a good job of anti ash, anti bacteria work. When you go out, cover your mouth and nose as much as you can. Don’t let dust enter your mouth and nose. Don’t open your mouth. The throat will be very uncomfortable when the fire, so try to breathe clean air to avoid irritation.

6, to fire: bitter and cold do not separate. You can eat some bitter vegetables and bitter things to drive away the fire. If the body is cold, it is not recommended to eat more.

what food is easy to get on fire

getting on fire is basically an unavoidable problem in our daily life. Today, we will introduce several kinds of food that are easy to get angry, hoping to give you some help.

1, barbecue, this is to eat the inevitable fire, with fire baked food, eat can not fire, this common sense people all know it is fire food.

2. Meat. Don’t think that if you eat too much meat, you won’t get angry. In fact, if you eat too much meat, you will get angry. Generally speaking, although it’s not obvious that meat gets angry, it will make people angry. However, there are also some meat that makes you obviously angry, such as dog meat.

3, fried food, French fries, fried dough sticks, oil cakes and other fried food, these food after high temperature frying, eat fire is inevitable, its fragrance induced how many customers crazy.

4, capsicum, ginger, garlic and other condiments. If you put too much of these condiments, you will also get angry, such as spicy hot pot, ginger duck. These are irritants, which greatly stimulate the adrenal gland of the human body, and it is easy to get angry.

5. Nuts. Most people always like to prepare some nuts, eat and chat while watching TV, no matter whether they are resting at home or traveling. But you may not know that eating too many nuts can also lead to fire, such as cashew nuts, pine nuts, melon seeds, almonds, pistachio nuts, etc. Because there are high calories in nuts, if you do not pay attention to excessive consumption, it will cause excessive internal heat in the body, leading to fire. Therefore, when eating nuts in summer, we must keep a proper amount. The heat in 50 grams of melon seeds is equivalent to a large bowl of rice, so nuts are also one of the foods that can easily lead to heat.

6, biscuits, biscuits will also catch fire, but biscuits caused by the fire is not so obvious, some people eat on fire, some people eat too much will catch fire, but also can cause the fire of food.

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