Does drinking lead to fatigue?

Can drinking lead to fatigue?

can drinking lead to fatigue? 6667

people who have drinking experience all know that after drinking, people will become extremely energetic and excited, so that most people will become laissez faire after drinking, but in fact, the excitement brought by alcohol is only short-lived, and the fatigue left behind is easy to hoard.

alcohol in wine is called ethanol. After entering the human body, it is absorbed into the blood through the gastrointestinal tract and then transferred to the liver for decomposition. Finally, it is decomposed into harmless carbon dioxide and water and discharged from the body. But when ethanol is just beginning to decompose in the liver, it will first change the taste of acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is a highly toxic substance, which can stimulate the mucous membrane and skin and bring anesthesia to the human body. If you just feel sleepy, the harm of acetaldehyde is not serious. If excessive alcohol intake leads to excessive accumulation of acetaldehyde, people will have headache, vomiting and other symptoms.

generally speaking & lt; Hangover & quot; In fact, it is also acetaldehyde; Credit & quot;. The function of the liver is to decompose ethanol into acetaldehyde, which is then transported to all parts of the body through blood vessels for further decomposition, and then into acetic acid, which is further decomposed into water and carbon dioxide. At this time, the human body is completely alcohol-free. The speed of alcohol decomposition is very slow. The data shows that men can decompose 9 grams of alcohol per hour and women can decompose 6.5 grams of alcohol per hour. If you use a 350 ml bottle of beer with 5% alcohol content to calculate, it takes about 1.5 hours for men and 2.1 hours for women to completely decompose the alcohol contained in it. If you go to a bar to drink draft beer, 700 ml of draft beer to 3 cups, you need 9 hours to completely break down the alcohol. That is to say, during the period when people fall asleep, the body can’t get rest, so it has to work continuously until the alcohol is completely decomposed and discharged from the body. This is the reason why people feel tired after a hangover. If people hoard this kind of fatigue, it will not only affect their health, but also have a negative impact on their mental state.

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