Does drinking prickly ash water cure snoring?

snoring this kind of situation is quite common in male friend’s body, it mainly displays when sleeping snores is very big, easy to affect other people’s sleep. However, some friends think that snoring can be treated with Zanthoxylum water, which has certain curative effect, but we use Zanthoxylum water in our life to treat snoring is harmful to our health, so we suggest that we treat it through medical methods.

many friends may be worried about snoring, so you will find some ways to treat it in your life. If you want to use pepper water in your life to treat snoring, it’s OK, but you should pay attention to your physical fitness.

prickly ash 5-10, before going to bed with boiling water bubble a cup of water, after the water is cold, take it (prickly ash), take it for 5 days, can treat snoring. As long as 3-4 drops of mouthwash are diluted with warm water before going to bed, the snoring can be reduced and stopped. This kind of gargle contains a kind of resin oil, which can improve the blood supply of the pharyngeal and laryngeal mucosa, and make the pharyngeal and laryngeal cavity mucosa in a state of full blood supply. The soft palate and uvula will not vibrate due to relaxation, and the snoring will be weakened and stopped.

some snoring cases are caused by obesity, but some are caused by some physiological diseases. Zanthoxylum water belongs to the folk prescription category. Unreasonable folk prescription or improper use of folk prescription delay the disease, aggravate the disease, or induce serious complications. Snoring is a dangerous signal sent by the body, which needs to go to the hospital in time for necessary treatment. Otherwise, sudden death and other serious consequences are likely to occur. It is recommended that you go to the ENT Hospital in time.

snoring is related to many diseases, so we must pay attention to it, especially for obese middle-aged men.

the best way to deal with snoring is to pay attention to exercise and diet in order to lose weight, and often carry out self diagnosis. If you are very sleepy during the day, often take a nap, have a headache in the morning, go to the toilet many times at night and so on, or according to the reflection of family members, you should take measures as soon as possible.

another way to maintain side sleep can effectively prevent snoring, but also can raise the jaw of snorers.

about the treatment of snoring, I hope you can have a good understanding in your life, which is helpful for you to prevent the occurrence of some diseases. Snoring is more common in obese friends, so we suggest that you should observe obese friends more in your life.

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