Does hair affect wound healing?

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what is Fawu?

whether it is Fawu is related to sex, taste, disease and constitution. There is no clear definition of Fawu in TCM. The so-called & lt; Send & quot;, It means to stimulate and induce. Hair can induce some diseases or symptoms. Specifically speaking, eating a certain kind of food may not cause disease; The original disease, causing relapse of the old disease; In the process of illness, aggravating the disease, can be called hair. For example, people with a cold do not recommend eating chicken, eggs and other food. For people with a cold, chicken and eggs are hair products. However, this does not mean that chicken and eggs must be hair. For people who don’t catch a cold, chicken and eggs are rich in nutrients. They are daily nutrients, not necessarily hair.

so many people have to ask Xiaobian, how do we judge whether a food is hair? We usually come into contact with so much food, how can we determine whether it is hair? To judge hair, we should first look at the taste of food and see if it can cause some physical diseases. For example, some people eat shrimp will cause skin allergies, serious food allergies will occur, in this case, shrimp is a hair! Moreover, hair is also related to personal physique. For example, Sydney is a fruit that nourishes and reduces fire for many people, but for people with deficient cold constitution, it tastes cool and is a cold product.

can eating hair affect wound healing?

wound healing can be roughly divided into three stages. In the early stage of injury, the wound bleeds and forms blood clot, which is filled with fibrin to stop bleeding and close the external environment; With the passage of time after injury, new capillaries and fibroblasts began to appear in the wound, the old blood clots were broken down and phagocytized, and granulation tissue occupied the damaged area.

the core of wound healing is that all kinds of cells performing repair function can complete the work well. The influencing factors can be divided into two categories, one is local factors, the other is systemic factors.

infection is a local factor in wound healing. Once there are pathogenic bacteria in the wound, the enzymes and toxins produced by the bacteria will greatly interfere with the normal healing process. Debridement and disinfection after injury is to prevent infection to the maximum extent. If the wound defect is too serious, the healing speed will also be greatly slowed down, and suture is needed at this time. Some special parts should be kept stable and brake after injury, and repeated traction will also affect the healing. Improper local treatment, tissue compression, ischemia and hypoxia after injury can lead to delayed healing.

as for systemic factors, patients with malnutrition lack the necessary protein and trace elements for body repair, which is undoubtedly unfavorable for wound healing. Patients with poor immune function, such as those with poor diabetes control or AIDS, are impaired in cell function, wound prone to infection and delayed healing. The healing rate of the elderly is slower than that of the young. Long term use of some cytotoxic drugs or glucocorticoids in patients with healing function will also decline. Therefore, Fang said that hair has a certain effect on wound healing. However, at present, there will not be any food that will increase the infection rate of the wound. As for some hair products that can cause allergy, of course, it is the same for patients in the wound healing period or healthy people.

which vegetables belong to hair

vegetables mainly include bamboo shoots, mustard, pumpkin, spinach, etc. this kind of food is easy to cause skin sores and swelling. Such as mushrooms, Lentinus edodes and so on, over eating this kind of food is easy to cause wind Yang, trigger liver Yang headache, liver wind vertigo and other chronic diseases, in addition, it is also easy to induce or aggravate skin sores and swelling; Another example is leek, which belongs to hot food; For example, wax gourd, string beans, lettuce, etc. belong to cold accumulation. They are mostly cold, moist and beneficial. They can hurt Yang and produce cold, and affect the transportation of viscera. People with weak spleen and stomach should be careful to eat. Overeating will cause stomach deficiency, cold pain, bowel sounds and diarrhea.

therefore, it is not suitable for some people to eat the above hairy vegetables, otherwise it will affect the recurrence of old diseases.

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