Does medlar soak water to drink really have so God?

Does medlar soak water to drink really have so God?

is Chinese wolfberry soaked in water really so divine? Chinese wolfberry is a traditional Chinese medicine, which has many functions such as nourishing liver and kidney, benefiting essence and improving eyesight. However, most office workers drink it directly in water in order to save trouble. Experts say that simply drinking the water soaked in Lycium barbarum fruit can not completely absorb the nutrients. Next, Xiaobian introduces the disadvantages of drinking medlar in water. Let’s have a look.

many office workers like to drink medlar in water, and its functions are also set by set: improving eyesight, tonifying kidney, and lowering blood sugar. But experts say that simply drinking water soaked in Lycium barbarum is not enough to absorb nutrients. Lycium barbarum is rich in a variety of trace elements and vitamins. It can nourish yin, protect eyes, and enhance immunity. It is often used by doctors in past dynasties to treat asthenia of vision and night blindness caused by liver blood deficiency and kidney yin deficiency.

recently, the British people discovered the anti-aging effect of Lycium barbarum in a study. However, only when they insist on eating Lycium barbarum can they have drug value. Taking it once or twice occasionally has no effect.

it is the most common to drink in water with wolfberry, but most of the vitamins contained in wolfberry are water-soluble, which are easy to be destroyed in case of heat, and the carotene content is difficult to be completely absorbed. It is best to soak in warm water or chew a few dry grains.

but wolfberry is not for everyone. Those with weak constitution and poor resistance can eat more. But because of its warm body effect is very strong, some cold fever, inflammation, diarrhea people had better not eat. Lycium barbarum also has & lt; Shelf life;, The wolfberry with the taste of wine has gone bad and can’t be eaten any more.

conclusion: most of the time, people use the simplest way to eat food for convenience. However, sometimes it reduces nutrition.

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