Does often eat fern vegetable to you can cancer really?

Does often eat fern vegetable to you can cancer really?

often eat fern can cancer really? According to CCTV reports, whether it is laboratory animals or livestock, eating pteridophytes may cause poisoning, including liver damage and cancer, and this carcinogen is protopteridin extracted from Pteridophytes in the 1980s. The results showed that the content of protopteridin in Pteridium aquilinum from high to low was leaf, stem and root, and the content in leaf was 10 times of that in root. In the official website of International Agency for research on cancer, protopteridin is listed as a class II carcinogen.

experimental data also revealed that the content of these carcinogens in the rhizome of Pteridium aquilinum was the highest, followed by that in the leaf. Among them, irutin exceeded the safety limit by 37 times and phenyloxalic acid by 22 times. Laboratory animal feeding experiments on the carcinogenesis of bracken showed that fern could induce gastric cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer, leukemia and so on. Researchers also cooked processed fern carcinogenic test showed that even processed fern, can also induce cancer.

Pteridium aquilinum is the representative of traditional wild vegetables; King of mountain cuisine;, Many people think that it is green, pollution-free, nutritious and even anti-cancer; Longevity dish & quot;. According to relevant data, the tender leaves of Pteridium aquilinum contain carotene, vitamins, protein, fat, sugar, crude fiber, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other nutrients and minerals. In addition, it also contains 18 kinds of amino acids. However, as early as the Tang Dynasty, the great physicians, pharmacists, and pharmacists; Yao Wang & quot; Sun Simiao once put forward the idea of & lt; Eating for a long time makes you sick; It means that eating pteridophytes for a long time will have adverse effects on the body. Later, many countries in the world carried out carcinogenic tests of Pteridium aquilinum. The results showed that the cancer-related substances contained in Pteridium aquilinum included phenyloxalic acid, pteridolactam, flavine alcohols, aconitin and some substances similar to aconitin.

however, some relevant people pointed out that those who really like to eat Pteridium should control the amount of Pteridium, eat less occasionally, and don’t panic too much, but don’t eat it for a long time. Long term and large-scale consumption of Pteridium aquilinum can indeed increase the cancer incidence, because & lt; Although the content of protopteridin in fresh Pteridium aquilinum can be reduced after drying and boiling before eating, it will not be completely eliminated;.

small remind, eat anything, even re nutrition, should be appropriate, maintain a balanced nutrition, at the same time to prevent excessive.

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