Does papaya breast enhancement really work?

papaya breast enhancement has a long history, but many people are not clear about the correctness and accuracy of this statement, so in this case, many people still have doubts about using papaya to breast enhancement. For such a situation, we must understand, do not waste time and energy, not to achieve the desired effect. So, papaya breast really effective? The following is a specific introduction.

records of ancient books?

the most famous “connection” between papaya and breast in ancient books is that an Lushan injured Yang Guifei’s breast with papaya. However, it is well known that Yang Yuhuan’s plump body has nothing to do with this beautiful anecdote. The origin of the saying that papaya can enhance breast is probably due to its plump and seedy shape, which gives people the imagination of “shape to shape”. In ancient times, there were many similar reasons, such as men’s Yang deficiency should eat sea cucumber, women’s yin deficiency should eat abalone and so on.

many people think that the term “papaya breast enhancement” comes from traditional Chinese medicine. The first thing to clarify is: in traditional Chinese medicine, Chaenomeles refers to “Chaenomeles” (papaya of Rosaceae), while Carica papaya (papaya of papaceae) is what we see at fruit stands. For xuanpapaya, no matter in traditional medical literature or modern Pharmacopoeia, its effect has not mentioned breast enhancement. In the discussion about breast enhancement, what you mentioned is more papaya.

among the rumors that papaya can enhance breast, some rumors explain its “principle” in this way: papaya enzyme and vitamin A can stimulate female hormone secretion and help breast enhancement. Papaya enzyme can also decompose protein and promote the body’s absorption of protein.

papain: decompose protein, not breast enhancement

in fact, the word “enzyme” comes from Japanese, translated into Chinese is “enzyme”, papain and papain are the same thing. Papain in a broad sense refers to the complex enzyme composed of papain, chymopapain, amylase and so on.

the so-called “protease”, its function is to decompose protein. It can break large protein molecules into small fragments. Papain is the main ingredient in the famous tender meat powder. It can decompose the protein in meat, reduce the mechanical strength of meat, and make meat soft and tender. Not only is tender meat powder used in the food industry, but there are also cooking methods in foreign countries that drip papaya juice on beef to make it more delicious.

however, proteases have to be in direct contact with proteins to work. When we eat papaya in our mouth, papain slides down the esophagus to the stomach, where it is broken down by pepsin (papain itself is also protein). There is no complete and active papain to play the role of breast enhancement. What’s more, the above consideration is about eating papaya raw. If it is boiled Papaya Soup, papain will lose its activity when heated. In a word, it is nonsense to prove that eating papaya can enhance breast.

papaya breast really effective? Papaya breast is true, but want to use papaya to achieve good breast effect, such an idea is wrong. Maybe papaya will have a certain effect on breast enhancement, but we can’t completely rely on papaya for breast enhancement, and excessive consumption of papaya is harmful to the body.

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