Does the new car smell? Teach you to remove the car odor

Does the new car smell? Teach you to remove the car odor

teach you to remove the car odor

1, honeycomb briquette:

the first grand introduction to the car odor recipe is not charcoal adsorption, but with honeycomb briquette, but must be burned. However, you can use the above methods when you don’t use the car at the weekend. If you use the car at any time, you’d better choose the activated carbon bag to absorb the odor. After all, honeycomb briquette is difficult to place and easy to stain the car.

2, vinegar:

Mr. Xu recently bought a new car, and finally has his own car. That’s a joy. But the pungent smell in the new car makes Mr. Xu very upset. He really answers the lyrics; Make me happy, make me sad;. More windows can speed up the odor emission, but you can’t leave the car with the windows open. No, Mr. Xu has his own simple and convenient trick, which is vinegar. The odor of a new car is often a signal of air pollution in the car, which may be releasing harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene. When you don’t use the car, take a small bucket of water, add some vinegar, put it in the car, try it several times, and the smell will gradually disappear. The reason is: water can absorb formaldehyde, vinegar can stabilize formaldehyde.

3, pineapple:

one day when I was in a friend’s car, I saw a pineapple on the back seat of his car. It was a little withered. A sudden brake, it will roll to the ground. My friend said pineapple is used to improve the air in the car& ldquo; I saw that pineapple in the sauna can remove the peculiar smell, so I tried it in the car, but I didn’t expect it to work very well. This pineapple only cost me two yuan. After two or three days, it made the car smell worse; Suction & quot; It’s all gone& rdquo;

in fact, the effect of putting pineapple skin is similar to that of pineapple. Ask the uncles who sell pineapples on the road for some pineapple skin. Hehe, it’s free. If they won’t give you a pineapple, they will give it to you. That’s a good move.

4, bamboo charcoal bag:

, bamboo charcoal bag is hard in texture, good ventilation, good adsorption of formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide and other harmful substances, and can release natural minerals, promote plant growth, purify the air. Strong water absorption can alleviate the humidity factor in the air, deodorize and prevent mold. If you give your car such a decoration, you can return it to a healthy viscera without placing a conspicuous place. At the same time, it can also promote sleep, relieve arteriosclerosis and other conditions, which is beneficial to the owner.

5, onion:

onion, so prickly nose can also remove odor? of course. I remember watching an introduction in a TV program: cut a few pieces of onion, put them in the water basin, stir them, and then put them in the newly decorated room to remove the peculiar smell. This method can be used in the car with a little modification. Cut the whole onion into four pieces and put it in the car, the effect will be more obvious.

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