Does the quilt smell? Teach you how to remove the peculiar smell of quilt

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Does the quilt smell? How to get rid of the quilt smell?

after a long summer, does your quilt have some flavor? If you make good use of the sun a few days ago, you may have dried your quilts. But what about those who are not ready? Xiaobian teaches you that quilts can remove taste without sun exposure.

cotton quilt

cotton quilt is the most common quilt. If you have the sun, you can fold it up after exposure, put a few small bags of desiccant in it (these things are often in snacks, you can collect them for standby), and then put a few pieces of soap (you can choose the type you like), after a few days, the quilt will not have a peculiar smell.

note: desiccant and soap should not be stacked together, should be put layer by layer, not too much, three or four pieces of soap can be, soap can still be used in the future, will not waste.


duvet is the lightest quilt. When the sun is sufficient, you can take out the duvet to dry for a while, but pay attention not to take too long. Hang it in a cool and ventilated place for 2-3 days, then pat it evenly to eliminate the bad smell.

if there is no sun, you can spray lemonade on the quilt, and then dry it in the shade for a night, so as to remove the smell on the quilt.

this method is very simple, but remember that it’s better to spray, rather than sprinkle, and spray evenly.


quilts are the cheapest quilts and do not need special maintenance. But it is recommended to get regular exposure to the sun, to achieve the effect of antibacterial dehumidification. Water wash, machine wash can, neutral detergent or soap powder, with washing machine weak turn cleaning, dehydration.

silk quilt

silk quilt deodorization method is ventilation. Generally, open the quilt and hang it for ventilation. There will be no peculiar smell in one or two weeks. Of course, it’s better to bask in the sun, because higher temperatures accelerate the replacement of air in the pores.

but the silk should not be exposed for too long, because the silk will become brittle under ultraviolet radiation. So some people sun their silk quilt every day. After a year, they find that it’s getting less and less warm and thinner. That’s why. In addition to the summer sun time can not be too long, other non direct sunlight, is able to sun for 2 hours.

wool quilt

wool quilt is the most intimate quilt, but it will inevitably have some strange smell after a long time. To remove these strange smell, you can spray alcohol evenly on the wool, and then sprinkle a small amount of yellow rice on the wool, gently tap or brush 1-2 times with a soft brush, remember that the technique must be light!

after the soft hair is dry, shake off the yellow rice, then roll up the wool tightly, put some camphor balls on it for a period of time (about two months), and the peculiar smell will evaporate with alcohol and camphor.

in terms of maintenance, it is better not to wash wool quilt with water. Conditional proposal dry cleaning, or to the sun for half an hour can not be exposed. When drying, a piece of cloth can be spread on the quilt to avoid the damage caused by the hot sun to the wool fiber.

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