Does vitamin C eat after meal or before meal?

vitamins play a very important role in the human body. Lack of vitamins will reduce the body’s immunity, have a great impact on the absorption of calcium, and even lead to unstable blood pressure. Therefore, some people always need to supplement some vitamin C, But there are many people who don’t know whether vitamin C is good after meals or before meals? Let’s get to know!

vitamin C tablets can enhance immunity, promote calcium absorption, stabilize blood pressure, maintain immune function, hydroxylation and serotonin, maintain vascular integrity, and promote the absorption of non heme iron. So, is vitamin C taken before or after meals? What should we pay attention to?

vitamin C is better for absorption after meals. In fact, taking vitamin drugs and other drugs, there are certain regulations, requirements and precautions, that is, after meals. Vitamin drugs are mainly absorbed by the small intestine after oral administration. If they are taken before meals, because there is no food in the gastrointestinal tract, the drugs are quickly absorbed into the blood when they are taken on an empty stomach. As a result, the concentration of vitamins in the blood increases, and they are discharged from the body through the kidney and urethra before being used by the human body, which significantly reduces the efficacy. It varies from meal to fasting, and from individual intake. In terms of vitamin C intake of 1000 mg, the absorption rate of fasting is about 30%, while the absorption rate of postprandial is up to 50%.

different ways of taking vitamin C tablets are different. The most common way is to take them orally. For vitamin C Supplement: 50-100 mg per day for adults. For the treatment of vitamin C deficiency: adult 100-200 mg, three times a day; 100-300 mg per day for children. At least 2 weeks. And some can be used for beauty of natural vitamin C, such as Yangshengtang natural vitamin C chewable tablets, take 2 tablets each day, one at a time. Because Yangshengtang natural vitamin C chewable tablets are water-soluble vitamins and need to be supplemented repeatedly every 3-4 hours, it is recommended to take them twice.

after reading the above introduction, we can know that vitamin C should be taken after meals, which is more conducive to absorption. Of course, the common way of taking vitamin C tablets is different. It’s better to take it under the guidance of a doctor. Don’t use some vitamins indiscriminately. Although vitamins have many effects, if you take too much, it will also have a great burden on your body, It’s best to take the way of tonic in peacetime.

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