Donkey tumbling heat

donkey tumbling is a famous snack in our middle class. At the same time, many foreigners also know about donkey tumbling heat, but many people don’t know about it. Usually, most of the time, when people eat donkey tumbling, they don’t know about it. The key is because of the popularity of donkey tumbling, So many people are attracted by the name, so even if the donkey rolls, the heat is very high, everyone will taste it.

however, for the local people, they just won’t do it. They often consider a lot of problems before eating. Donkey tumbling is actually a kind of pastry. In Beijing, donkey tumbling has become a bright spot. Many people are curious about donkey tumbling because of its name. Let’s talk about the heat problem of donkey rolling.

donta roll is one of the traditional snacks in old Beijing. The finished product is yellow, white and red, which is beautiful. Because the soybean flour sprinkled in the final production process is like the yellow soil raised by wild donkeys in the suburbs of old Beijing, it is named “donkeys roll”“ The raw materials of “donkey roll” are rice noodles, soybean noodles, Chengsha, sugar, sesame oil, sweet scented osmanthus, green red silk and melon kernel. Its production is divided into three processes: blank making, filling and molding. The outer layer of the “donkey roll” is covered with bean flour, golden yellow, bean flavor, sweet filling, soft entrance, unique flavor. It is a traditional snack suitable for all ages.

its raw material is yellow rice noodles steamed with water, and slightly more water and soft noodles. In addition, stir fry the soybeans and roll them into flour. When making, roll the steamed yellow rice noodles with soybean flour, then spread red bean paste stuffing (or brown sugar), roll them up, cut them into 100g small pieces, and sprinkle with white sugar. During the production, the stuffing should be evenly rolled, with distinct layers and yellow appearance, which is characterized by fragrance, sweetness, stickiness and strong flavor of soybean powder. Soybean flour cake takes soybean flour as its main raw material, so it is called soybean flour cake. But why is it also called “donkey roll”? It seems to be a kind of figurative metaphor. After being made, it is rolled in soybean flour, like a real donkey rolling in the countryside and raising dust, so it gets its name. Even predecessors have questioned this point《 Yandu small food miscellaneous chant said: “sugar water stuffing skillfully arranged, yellow flour into a ball, buried in beans.”. It’s funny to call it “donkey roll.” He also said: “soybeans are sticky with rice, steamed, wrapped in brown sugar water stuffing, rolled in fried bean noodles, and sold on a plate. It’s called” donkey roll “. It’s really incredible.”

the caloric value of donkey roll is 194 kcal (811 kJ), which is moderate in the same kind of food. The amount of calories per 100g donkey rolls accounts for about 8% of the total daily intake of healthy adults recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Society.

therefore, the heat of donkey rolling is not high, for some people, it is not high, we can rest assured to eat. But in general, we should not eat too much at one time. Eating too much can also cause obesity. But for those who want to lose weight, it’s better not to eat donkey and roll.

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