Don’t be greedy in winter for people with cold body

. Don’t be greedy in winter for people with cold body

1 and persimmon

. Persimmon is ripe in autumn and winter, but not everyone can eat it! First of all, people suffering from diabetes, anemia can not eat, do not eat persimmon under the next empty stomach, because monosaccharides and disaccharides in persimmon are very easy to absorb, resulting in elevated blood sugar. Persimmon contains more tannic acid and pectin, if eaten on an empty stomach, it will lead to the formation of lumps in the stomach, leading to serious problems such as indigestion. The tannin in persimmon will combine with the iron in human body, so people with anemia can’t absorb iron better, so people with anemia can’t eat more persimmon! Which also includes persimmon products, such as: Persimmon and so on!

2, hawthorn

have been recorded since ancient times; Hawthorn broken gas, should not eat more. Eating too much consumes gas and damages teeth& rdquo; It can be seen that Hawthorn has a great negative impact on the people who are afraid of cold and have a weak body in winter! So people with weak spleen and stomach in winter should not eat hawthorn as much as possible, and should take more warm tonic fruits. Including hawthorn products, such as: Hawthorn slice, hawthorn roll and so on!

3, pomegranate

although pomegranate belongs to warm type of fruit, but the body is cold and yin deficiency, dry and hot people should be careful to eat; At the beginning of diarrhea, people with damp heat should not eat. Even ordinary people should not eat too much. Eating too much can hurt teeth and make people anorexic.

causes of body cold

abnormal thermoregulation, resulting in chills. Even in the warm season, women also have the trouble of fear of cold. Why are there so many such women? Chills are the components that keep the body warm; Temperature regulator & quot; Unable to carry out normal operation, resulting in abnormal cold female body a state. It has nothing to do with the actual heat and cold.

although the temperature difference between winter and summer in nature is nearly 30 degrees, the temperature of human body is kept at a constant temperature of 36 ~ 38 degrees. This thermoregulation consists of three main parts.

1. The sensor on the skin receives & lt; Cold & quot; This feeling conveys the feeling of cold to the brain.

2. From the lower part of the visual thalamus of the brain, the hormone or autonomic nerve transmits the command of unable to load cold to the organs of the whole body.

3. The production of various organs of the body will produce a reaction that does not allow the loss of temperature or generate heat.

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