Don’t be too specific in your daily oil consumption. Many blended oils are selling gimmicks

& lt; Food is the essence of the people;. Eating is a major event, and eating healthy and nutritious is also a major event related to people’s livelihood and happiness. Eating is also a science. If you eat wrong or too much, you will get sick. With the development of economy, many blended oils are sold in the supermarket’s edible oil area, such as

. New varieties of blended oils such as grain, nut and olive are emerging one after another.

however, in the view of nutrition experts, many blended oils are selling gimmicks. If you look at some blended cereal oils carefully, you will find that most of the ingredients are cheap oils. If you add a drop of olive oil to soybean oil and sunflower seed oil, you can call it olive blended oil, and the price is two or three times higher. The hidden rule of blended oil industry is that the name and price of which oil is expensive will be determined by which oil, and the price of which oil is cheap will be increased when mixing.

according to the standard, most edible oils are divided into grade 1, grade 2, grade 3 and grade 4 according to their quality. Is the higher the level, the better? This is not the case. The higher the grade, the higher the refining degree. The higher the grade of oil, the more nutrients are lost in the process of processing, the higher the refining degree, and the harmful substances are removed, but at the same time, many nutrients such as carotene and vitamin E are also removed. For example, if you don’t like the beany smell of soybean oil, you can choose grade one soybean oil, which is better than grade three or four; If you like the flavor of peanuts, you choose pressed peanut oil.

and & lt; Leaching & quot; According to the statement that oil contains chemical residues, pressing and leaching are aimed at oil varieties. For plant oil with high oil content, the process of pressing first and then leaching is often adopted; The leaching process is often used for those with low oil content. As long as it meets the quality standards, it is safe, but the aroma of pressing will be better.

The grade of oil hot fried in advertisement is lower. Although super grade and first grade do not represent the grade quality of oil, in the view of nutritionists, different oils do have different grades because of their health care effect. However, some oils hot fried in TV advertisement have different grades, They tend to be at a lower level.

the first level

tea seed oil and olive oil

belong to high oleic acid vegetable oil with high nutritional value and therapeutic effect.

the second level

low erucic acid rapeseed oil

peanut oil, sesame oil

rice bran oil

belongs to balanced vegetable oil, good heat resistance, suitable for general cooking.

Level 3

wheat germ oil

soybean oil, corn oil

sunflower seed oil

this kind of vegetable oil is afraid of heat, suitable for stewing dishes, daily cooking is also OK, but to control the temperature, do not let the oil pot smoke, not for frying.

level 4

coconut oil

palm oil

lard, butter

in addition to a large amount of exercise

like to eat meat and choose soybean oil, like vegetarian choose tea oil Corn oil, sunflower seed oil cooking, but should choose more tea seed oil, peanut oil and other edible oil containing more monounsaturated fatty acids. If peanuts, melon seeds and other snacks eat more, you should choose peanut oil, sunflower seed oil other than oil. People who often eat all kinds of nuts do not need to cook with walnut oil or sunflower oil.

some people have more meat in their daily diet, so it’s better not to eat animal oil, but to eat more soybean oil, corn oil and sunflower seed oil.

some people are vegetarians and get too little saturated fat from their diet. When buying oil, it’s better to choose olive oil and tea seed oil with more monounsaturated fatty acids. Peanut oil and rice bran oil are also good.

and for people with cardiovascular disease, olive oil and rapeseed oil is a good choice, usually should use less soybean oil, corn oil or sunflower seed oil, these oil linoleic acid proportion is too large, may increase the risk of coronary heart disease.

Purchase method

depends on the color. Generally speaking, the higher the degree of refining, the lighter the color of oil. Of course, all kinds of vegetable oil will have a unique color, it is impossible and unnecessary to refine to no color.

second, we need to see the transparency. We need to choose clear and transparent oil. The higher the transparency, the better.

three to smell tasteless, take one or two drops of oil on the palm, hands friction heat, can not smell the smell (harrass or pungent smell), if there is a smell do not buy.

identification method:

adulterated peanut oil

after the adulteration, the transparency decreased. The oil was quickly poured into the cup from the bottle, and the oil flowers were observed. The pure peanut oil had large foam foam, surrounded by many small bubbles and not easy to scatter. When mixed with cottonseed oil or cottonseed oil, the oil flower foam was slightly greenish yellow or brown black. The smell of cottonseed oil can be detected. The oil mixed with starch such as rice soup and noodle soup is blue purple or blue black. Or put it in a transparent cup and observe it after two days, cloud like suspended solids will appear.

adulterated Xiaomo sesame oil

the color becomes dark after adulteration, such as black red when adulterated with cottonseed oil and dark yellow when adulterated with rapeseed oil. In addition, the little sesame oil itself has no oil flowers. When the oil is poured, the oil flowers will disappear easily. If the oil bubbles disappear slowly, it will indicate adulteration. You can also use chopsticks to dip a drop and drop it on the calm water surface. Pure small mill sesame oil will appear colorless and transparent thin big oil flowers. After adulteration, it will appear thicker small oil flowers.

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