Don’t blindly supplement protein in daily life. Different people have different demands for protein

. It may only be beneficial for a few people to consume more protein than the recommended amount every day. For most adults, those who achieve the goal of weight loss by reducing calorie intake are

, You can only benefit from a modest increase in protein intake if you intentionally try to change your body composition, such as when dieting or doing strength training. However, this view is difficult for consumers to accept.

when people are in a neutral metabolic state (no weight loss or muscle gain), eating more protein will not have any different effect on their body composition. At present, the recommended dietary intake is enough to meet the general sedentary healthy weight.

at present, many advertisements and marketing methods recommend people to eat a high protein diet. This study found that the benefits of the above diet only apply to specific situations, including strength training and weight loss. Moderate intake of protein may help, but it does not mean that a large amount of protein is needed at any time.

this study is more important for women, especially older women, who usually consume less protein, so they should maintain a healthy weight and do regular strength training.

so what’s the significance of these findings for our holiday diet plan?

if you want to lose weight, please don’t reduce the amount of food you usually eat, otherwise you will unintentionally reduce the protein intake. On the contrary, we should try to maintain or moderately increase protein rich foods.

Protein food sources of protein can be divided into plant protein and animal protein. In plant protein, cereal contains about 10% protein, which is not high, but because it is the staple food of people, it is still the main source of dietary protein. Legumes are rich in protein, especially soybean, which contains 36% ~ 40% protein. The composition of amino acids is reasonable and the utilization rate in vivo is high. It is a very good source of plant protein.

eggs contain 11% ~ 14% protein, which is an important source of high quality protein. Milk (milk) generally contains 3.0% ~ 3.5% protein, which is the best source of infant protein. Protein is composed of amino acids. Among the 22 kinds of amino acids necessary for human body, 9 kinds of amino acids (amino acid food) can not be synthesized by human body or the amount of synthesis is insufficient, which must be obtained through diet.

meat includes the muscle of poultry, livestock and fish. Fresh muscle contains 15% ~ 22% protein, which is an important source of human protein.

is the main source of protein, including animal protein and plant protein. Generally speaking, the nutritional value of animal protein is higher than that of plant protein. According to the protein content per 500 grams, the protein rich foods are:

. ① meat: 84.5 grams of pork, 100.5 grams of beef, 100.5 grams of pig liver;

② eggs: 63.5g eggs, 63g duck eggs;

③ fish and shrimp: 88 g carp, 83 g grass carp and 80 g sea shrimp;

4. Rice flour: 60.5g wheat flour, 50g barley, 42.5g corn;

⑤ beans: 11g mung beans, 108.5g red beans, 249g black beans;

6 vegetables and legumes: 70g daylily, 41g kelp. The nutrition of soybean protein is better than that of animal protein.

How to supplement protein after parturition

for protein intake after parturition, we should pay attention to three points: first, the protein intake should be enough, because new mothers need to take enough protein

for breast-feeding, Generally speaking, fish and shrimp protein is better than meat, and white meat is better than red meat. Try not to eat meat that may be artificially fed with hormones, but should eat natural food

. Third, protein intake should be balanced, not only choose one kind of food to eat.

postpartum nutrition should follow the following principles: daily intake of adequate calories; Good combination of meat and vegetables; The protein of all kinds of fish, meat, eggs and poultry should be balanced; In order to increase the amount of milk, can increase the amount of soup (fish soup, broth) intake. A few people’s milk is not enough, the milk is relatively slow, in order to help the milk, you can drink some soup with Chinese medicine ingredients. This is helpful for the recovery and conditioning of the mother’s body (uterine contraction, lochia discharge), smooth milking, and nutrition supplement.

How to supplement protein for fitness crowd

during fitness exercise, the human body’s demand for protein is much stronger than other stages. Grain protein contains less lysine, if it is used with soybean, meat, eggs and other foods containing more lysine, it will improve the nutritional value of each other. For another example, the methionine content in soybean is very low, while the methionine content in corn is very high. If the two are combined, they will complement each other and improve the nutritional value.

through the above examples, we can adjust our previous diet structure during fitness exercise, realize food diversification, balance of coarse and fine grains, reasonable distribution of animal protein to each meal, and moderate intake of bean products, which can improve the nutritional value of each meal. In this case, the final result of fitness exercise is that the fitness effect is significantly improved.

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