Don’t break these tea taboos!

Don’t break these tea taboos!

don’t make these tea taboos!

tea has always been regarded as a part of Chinese culture. Since ancient times, our ancestors have done a lot of research on tea, and many Chinese people are also full of love for tea. Tea is not only regarded as a health drink, but also a kind of knowledge. There has been a theory of tea tasting since ancient times. However, in the culture of tea, many people like to drink tea, but they don’t know much about tea. They don’t know how to drink tea healthily. Drinking tea is also taboo.

1. Patients with liver should not drink tea.

most of caffeine and other substances in tea are metabolized by the liver. If the liver is sick, drinking too much tea will damage the liver tissue. The caffeine in tea can not only raise the body temperature, but also reduce the efficacy.

3, pregnant women should not drink tea, especially should not drink strong tea,

tea contains a lot of tea polyphenols, caffeine and so on, there are many adverse factors for the growth of the fetus in the maternal abdomen, in order to make the normal development of fetal intelligence, avoid excessive stimulation of caffeine on the fetus, pregnant women should drink less or no tea.

4, neurasthenia drink tea carefully

caffeine in tea has the function of exciting nerve center, neurasthenia drink strong tea, especially in the afternoon and evening, will cause insomnia, aggravate the disease, you can drink tea in the morning and afternoon during the day, you can drink flower tea in the morning, drink green tea in the afternoon, do not drink tea at night. In this way, patients will be inspired during the day, quiet and comfortable at night, can go to sleep early.

5. Patients with ulcers should drink tea carefully.

tea is a stimulant of gastric acid secretion. Drinking tea can increase the amount of gastric acid secretion and increase the stimulation to ulcers. Drinking strong tea often will make the disease worse. But for mild patients, you can drink some light tea after taking medicine for 2 hours. Sugar black tea and milk black tea can help to reduce inflammation and protect gastric mucosa, and also have a certain effect on ulcer. Drinking tea can also block the synthesis of nitroso compounds in the body and prevent precancerous mutation.

6, women should not drink strong tea during lactation

drink strong tea during lactation, too much caffeine will enter the milk, children will indirectly produce excitement after sucking milk, easy to cause less sleep and more crying.

7, drink tea with caution when drunk

tea can stimulate the nerve center, drink strong tea after drunk will increase the burden on the heart. Tea will also accelerate diuretic effect, so that alcohol in the toxic aldehyde has not yet been decomposed from the kidney discharge, the kidney has greater irritation and harm to health. Therefore, people with heart and kidney disease or poor function should not drink tea, especially a large amount of strong tea; For healthy people, they can drink a small amount of strong tea. When they wake up, they can eat a large amount of fruit or drink vinegar in small mouthfuls to speed up the metabolism of the human body and relieve the drunkenness.

8. Don’t drink tea in case of malnutrition.

tea has the function of decomposing fat. For people with malnutrition, drinking tea to decompose fat will make malnutrition worse.

9, anemia patients should not drink tea

tannin in tea can combine with iron to form insoluble terminal complex, so that the body can not get enough sources of iron, so anemia patients should not drink tea.

10, taking medicine with tea,

. There are many kinds of drugs with different properties. Whether taking medicine with tea can not be generalized. Tannin and theophylline in tea can be chemically changed with some drugs. Therefore, when taking hypnotic and sedative drugs, iron containing blood tonic drugs, enzyme preparation drugs and protein containing drugs, tea polyphenols are easy to react with iron to produce precipitation, so it is not suitable to use tea to deliver drugs in case of affecting the efficacy. Some Chinese herbal medicines such as ephedra, Uncaria and Coptis are not suitable to be mixed with tea. It is generally believed that it is not suitable to drink tea within 2 hours. When taking some vitamin drugs, tea has no effect on the efficacy, because the tea polyphenols in tea can promote the accumulation and absorption of vitamin C in the human body. At the same time, tea itself contains a variety of vitamins. Tea itself also has the effects of excitement, diuresis, reducing blood fat and blood sugar, which can improve the efficacy of human body and restore health. In addition, people often think that it is not suitable to drink tea when taking tonics such as ginseng antler. There is a certain truth.

11, avoid drinking tea on an empty stomach

drinking tea on an empty stomach will dilute gastric acid, inhibit gastric juice secretion, hinder digestion, and even cause palpitations, headache, stomach discomfort, dizziness, upset and so on; Tea drinking & quot; It can also cause gastric mucositis. If & lt; Tea intoxication;, It can be alleviated by mouth candy or drinking some sugar water.

12. Patients with urinary calculi should not drink tea

. Urinary calculi are usually calcium oxalate stones. Because tea contains oxalic acid, it will form stones with the calcium excreted in urine. If patients with urinary calculi drink a lot of tea, it will aggravate the disease.

13, avoid drinking tea before going to bed

it is best not to drink tea within 2 hours before going to bed, drinking tea will make the spirit excited, affect sleep, and even insomnia, especially the newly picked green tea, after drinking, the nerve is very easy to be excited, causing insomnia.

14. Don’t drink a lot of tea before and after meals

. It’s not suitable to drink tea about 20 minutes before and after meals. If you drink tea, it will dilute gastric juice and affect food digestion. Moreover, because there is oxalic acid in tea, oxalic acid will react with iron and protein in food and affect human absorption of iron and protein.

15, avoid drinking toudao tea

, because modern tea is inevitably polluted by pesticides, chemical fertilizers, dust and other substances in the process of planting, processing and packaging. In fact, toudao tea is the water for washing tea. You should rush into the boiling water as soon as possible after it comes out. The tea made in this way is the most hygienic tea.

16. Don’t drink overnight tea

. It’s better to drink tea now. If the tea is put for a long time, it will not only lose vitamins and other nutrients, but also be easy to sour and get sick.

17, children should not drink strong tea

, because when the concentration of tea is high, the content of tea polyphenols is too much, easy to interact with iron in food, not conducive to the absorption of iron, easy to cause children’s iron deficiency anemia. Children can drink some light tea in moderation (one third of the concentration of adult tea). For preschool children can drink some crude tea, because the content of tea polyphenols in crude tea is low.

18. Don’t drink inferior tea or deteriorated tea

. Tea is not easy to keep properly. It is easy to absorb moisture and become moldy. Some people are reluctant to discard moldy tea out of love for tea economy. Deterioration of tea contains a lot of harmful substances and bacteria, is absolutely not drinkable. If the high-quality tea is kept for too long after brewing, the tea soup will deteriorate due to oxidation and microbial reproduction, and such tea can no longer be drunk.

19. Patients with coronary heart disease should drink tea cautiously. For patients with coronary heart disease with high heart rate, premature beat or atrial fibrillation, caffeine and theophylline in tea are stimulants, which can enhance the function of the heart. Drinking a lot of strong tea can make the heart beat faster, which often leads to the onset or aggravation of the disease. Therefore, these people can only drink some light tea; On the contrary, patients with heart rate below 60 beats / min should drink more tea, which is not only harmless, but also can improve heart rate, which can cooperate with drug treatment.

20, hypertension patients should not drink strong tea

, the amount of boiling water used per gram is less than 50 ml; Strong tea & quot;. If patients with hypertension drink too much tea, because of the exciting effect of caffeine, it will lead to increased blood pressure, which is not conducive to health.

21. It is not suitable for the elderly to drink raw tea

. The so-called raw tea refers to the roasted green tea which is dried directly without rolling. The appearance of this tea is natural and green, and its components are basically the same as those of fresh leaves. The conversion and volatilization of low boiling point aldehydes and alcohols are not much, and the aroma is seriously green. The old people drink this kind of green tea, which has strong irritation to the gastric mucosa and is easy to have stomach pain after drinking; Young people will also feel sick after drinking, which is commonly known as & lt; Curettage;. If you buy this kind of raw tea by mistake, you’d better not drink it directly. You can put it in a non greasy iron pot, stir fry it slowly with slow fire, roast it to remove the green gas, and then drink it after it has a slight chestnut aroma.

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