Don’t do these stupid things after drinking wine!

don’t do these stupid things after drinking wine!

1, the use of emergency drugs after drinking nitroglycerin

as we all know, angina pectoris attack, if not treated in time, may cause acute myocardial infarction, or even sudden death due to serious arrhythmia. Nitroglycerin is an effective drug for angina pectoris; Life saving medicine;, However, the proportion of ineffectiveness in Chinese Han population is as high as 25%, and many of them are those who drink and blush easily. ALDH2 can specifically metabolize nitroglycerin, produce nitric oxide, dilate blood vessels and relieve angina pectoris. The activity of ALDH2 is not high in those who drink and blush. The effect of taking nitroglycerin may not be good or even ineffective. It is suggested that these patients should use nitroglycerin cautiously under the guidance of doctors and take other drugs such as nitrates and beta when necessary; Receptor blockers, calcium channel blockers, Suxiao Jiuxin pills, Shexiang Baoxin Pills and other traditional Chinese medicine preparations can prevent unreasonable drug use from delaying the treatment opportunity and causing life-threatening.

2, taking diuretic

after drinking, alcohol and its metabolite acetaldehyde can dilate blood vessels, which can enhance the effect of vasodilator. In particular, the use of thiazides and other diuretic antihypertensive drugs, if drinking, can aggravate postural hypotension. The ability of metabolism of acetaldehyde is poor in those who drink and blush, and they are more likely to be at risk. Therefore, drinking alcohol should be avoided when taking such drugs. Drinking and blushing are also related to the environment, diet, individual disease status and other factors. We must use drugs under the guidance of doctors and pharmacists. Some drug instructions indicate that alcohol should be forbidden during medication. When taking these drugs, no matter whether it is easy to blush, alcohol should not be drunk.

3, wine to drink is very fashionable

nowadays, drinking to drink has become a kind of drinking fashion. Red wine with Sprite, whisky with iced black tea, beer with coke & hellip& hellip; Various & lt; Mix and match; There are so many combinations. Due to the low concentration of the mixed drink, it feels like a drink, so many people have a special preference for it. But experts warn that carbonated drinks, which are usually used for mixing wine, will release carbon dioxide gas in the stomach, which will force alcohol into the small intestine quickly, and the small intestine absorbs alcohol much faster than the stomach, thus increasing the damage. In addition, drinking with drinks seems to dilute the wine, but it is easy for people to drink more and more. Because at the beginning, the drinker feels like he is drinking a drink, so he drinks hard. Once he detects the effect of alcohol, he has drunk too much.

4, take a variety of antibiotics after drinking

in addition to the usual use of nitroglycerin should pay attention to, after drinking for a period of time, should be careful to use antibiotics. A variety of antibiotics can combine with aldehyde dehydrogenase 2, inhibit the activity of enzyme, so that acetaldehyde can not be metabolized in time, accumulate in the body, resulting in disulfiram reaction. Its clinical manifestations include facial fever, scarlet complexion, severe pulsation of blood vessels in head and neck or pulsatile headache. In severe cases, dyspnea, nausea, vomiting, sweating, dry mouth, chest pain, rapid heartbeat, decreased blood pressure, irritability and even shock may occur. The drugs that can cause disulfiram reaction are metronidazole, ketoconazole, chloramphenicol and some cephalosporins. Most people should not take antibiotics within 3 days after drinking. For those who drink and blush, the recommended time is 5-7 days, or even longer.

5, drink strong tea after drinking

many people think that tea has the effect of relieving alcohol and waking up, so they are used to drinking tea after drinking. But it’s not suitable to drink tea after drinking, especially soluble tea. Tea can excite the heart, and alcohol can also stimulate the cardiovascular system. Drinking tea after drinking is easy to aggravate the burden on the heart.

6, high alcohol is enough strength

in daily life, some people always feel that low alcohol liquor is made by blending alcohol and pure water, which is boring to drink, while high alcohol liquor is mostly made of grain, which is not good when drunk, and it is more energetic to drink. In fact, the higher the alcohol content, the higher the alcohol content. Because more than 90% of alcohol into the body is metabolized through the liver, a large amount of alcohol aggravates the detoxification burden of the liver. The higher the degree of alcohol, the greater the intake, the more serious the damage to the liver. In addition, a variety of enzymes and vitamins are needed to decompose alcohol through the liver. The higher the alcohol degree of alcohol, the more enzymes and vitamins consumed by the body.

7, after drinking, you can take a bath

. After drinking, you feel drowsy and sober. This is the habit of many people. Under the action of alcohol, the human heart accelerates the production of heat, and bathing after drinking easily leads to the accumulation of heat in the body, which aggravates the drunkenness, leading to malignant vomiting and even syncope.

8, go to bed immediately after drinking

many people fall asleep immediately after getting drunk, and some people deliberately get used to drinking a glass of wine before going to bed in order to fall asleep quickly. In fact, this is not conducive to health, especially excessive drinking, do not let it go to sleep naturally, if it is severe alcoholism, it is likely to go back to sleep. Benefits of drinking wine

1, prevention and treatment of wine and cardiovascular disease

maybe you don’t know that wine contains a lot of proanthocyanidins, which can form collagen fiber, prevent the body from producing too much histamine, effectively reduce vascular permeability and prevent arteriosclerosis.

2, wine can prevent and treat kidney stones

scientists found in the study, moderate drinking wine can prevent kidney stones. Medical experts recently pointed out that the traditional saying that drinking more drinks can prevent kidney stones is not scientific and comprehensive. The most important thing is to see what kind of drinks to drink. Through clinical observation of 45000 healthy people and patients, the researchers confirmed that people who often drink an appropriate amount of wine are not easy to get kidney stones. The researchers found that the risk of kidney stones varies among people who drink different kinds of coffee. People who drink a quarter of a liter of coffee a day have a 10% lower risk of kidney stones than those who don’t; Regular drinking of black tea was 14% lower than that of regular drinking; People who drink wine often have the least chance of getting kidney stones – 36% less risk of getting sick than people who are not used to it.

3. The preventive and therapeutic effect of wine on cerebral thrombosis

. Resveratrol is a plant antitoxin, which can inhibit platelet aggregation. Resveratrol is found in grape skins. It is about 1 microgram per liter in red wine and only 0.2 microgram in white wine. The results showed that even diluted red wine 1000 times, it was still effective in inhibiting platelet aggregation, and the inhibition rate was 42%, which could reduce the occurrence of cerebral thrombosis.

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