Don’t do these things after drinking!

Don’t do these things after drinking!

don’t do these things after drinking!

don’t sleep on the electric blanket after drinking

when drinking too much, the body temperature regulation function is maladjusted, the heat loss is increased, and it is easy to make people cold all over. At this time should keep warm, but also do not sleep electric blanket, especially hypertension, coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. If you feel cold, you can use a duvet or hot water bag to keep warm and drink more hot water, but the temperature should not be too high to avoid scalding. Don’t take a bath immediately after drinking. Taking a hot bath or a sauna can easily lead to the accumulation of hot gas in the human body, aggravate the drunkenness, and lead to malignant vomiting and even syncope. Cold bath, not only can not sober up, but also make the liver too late to supplement the glucose consumed in the blood, coupled with cold water stimulation, vasoconstriction, may lead to vascular rupture, cold and so on.

don’t drink a lot of coffee, strong tea and soda after drinking

don’t drink a lot of coffee after drinking, so as to avoid the aggravation of water shortage; Also do not drink strong tea, tea makes the heart too excited, and bad for the kidney. Do not drink soda, otherwise it will accelerate the absorption of alcohol, adverse to the liver, but also induce acute gastritis.

do not take antipyretic drugs after drinking

alcohol will react with most drugs and produce toxic substances. In particular, you should not take antipyretic drugs, otherwise hydroxyphenylacetamide will produce toxic substances, which will lead to liver inflammation and even permanent damage. If you need to take ibuprofen, it is recommended to take ibuprofen one hour in advance the next morning. In addition, cephalosporins antibiotics, hypoglycemic drugs, antihypertensive drugs, etc. had better not eat.

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