Don’t eat more of these eight kinds of fruits, which have adverse effects

. The body is easy to lose water. Many people choose to eat fruits to supplement water, but they must not eat more fruits to supplement water, because excessive use will have adverse effects on the body. Now let’s take a look at the harm of eating too much fruit.

which fruit cannot eat more?

1, orange

orange is a common fruit, since the autumn market, even in winter, it is still a frequent visitor of many families. Orange taste sweet and sour, thick and juicy, how many people will refuse it? However, if you eat too much orange, it will produce a kind of fat soluble vitamin in the body, which is not easy to be discharged from the body, resulting in digestive disorders, dizziness, nausea, facial yellowing and other symptoms. At this time it is best to eat more high oil content food, so that this vitamin as soon as possible out of the body.

2 and watermelon

are summer fruits, which are characterized by cold nature and can quickly dissipate heat. But at the same time, watermelon’s high sugar content, coupled with its cold characteristics, eating too much is not conducive to human health. If you eat watermelon around the stove in winter, it may feel good, but the weather is very cold, so what you need most is to keep warm, not to eat watermelon; Cool down;. This will make people with cold constitution more weak, and stimulate the stomach, causing diarrhea. In addition, a lot of sugar also makes the body’s blood sugar increase, and diabetic patients must stay away from watermelon.

3, hawthorn

hawthorn is a kind of healthy fruit, sweet and sour, which is made into a variety of snacks, such as ice sugar gourd, hawthorn slices and so on. No matter what form it is, people’s love for hawthorn is obvious. And hawthorn can appetizer, reduce blood lipids, is indeed a good fruit. However, traditional Chinese medicine believes that: & lt; Hawthorn should not eat more, eat more gas consumption, loss of teeth& rdquo; In other words, eating too much Hawthorn will hurt vitality, and is not conducive to dental health. Because hawthorn is very sour, it’s very easy to understand that it’s bad for teeth. Why does it hurt vitality? Experts said that eating too much Hawthorn hurt the spleen and stomach. Because the pectin, tannin and other foods in Hawthorn are easy to form stones under the action of gastric acid.

4, persimmon

persimmon is not suitable to eat more food in any season, because persimmon is rich in tannin, which has astringent effect, easy to combine with gastric acid and form stones. In addition, persimmon is cold food, eating more will aggravate dampness evil, loss of Yang. Once the body Yang deficiency, it is easy to get sick. There is no doubt about that.

5, sugarcane

sugarcane is very rich in water, it is very suitable to add water to the human body in such a dry climate. And it is rich in iron and amino acids, eat less can reduce dry heat, thirst and other diseases. But sugarcane has a lot of sugar. If you eat too much, it is easy to raise blood sugar, hinder the development of intelligence, and damage teeth. Therefore, eating too much sugarcane is not good.

6, pomegranate

, pomegranate contains a lot of fructose and a variety of vitamins, minerals, sweet and warm taste, for hot and humid fruits. Pomegranate has curative effect on dysentery, prolapse of anus and pharyngitis, but those with body deficiency, yin deficiency and dry heat should be cautious; Even ordinary people should not eat too much. Eating too much can hurt teeth and make people anorexic.

7, litchi

litchi is rich in magnesium, potassium and other minerals and vitamins, especially the content of vitamin C is high, which is good for improving human immunity, and it is not suitable for eating litchi when it has acne, sore, cold or acute inflammation. In addition, lychees should not be eaten more in case they can be eaten; Litchi disease;, That is, dizziness, panic, cold sweat and so on. At the same time, also to prevent fire, can eat litchi, first drink half a bowl of salt water, and then leave half a bowl to drink after eating. Or take off the shell of litchi meat in salt water bubble after eating. It also has the function of whitening and moisturizing. In addition, litchi also contains brain fitness, appetizer spleen, especially suitable for pregnant women and the elderly.

8, apricot

apricot meat contains more carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A in human body, which is good for protecting eyesight. Almond contains protein, crude fat, phosphorus, iron, potassium and other nutrients, and also has the function of moistening lung and resolving phlegm, clearing heat and detoxifying. Apricot belongs to warm fruit, can’t eat more, easy to get angry. In addition, almonds can not eat more, eat more easily lead to respiratory paralysis, and even death. Eat apricots and almonds must not be excessive.

precautions for eating fruits in winter; Little sun & quot; It is rising slowly, and all kinds of organs are in & lt; Recovery & quot; We should eat more warm food. And fruit this kind of raw and cold food to eat, will certainly cause a lot of stimulation to the body, leading to physical discomfort.

2. Don’t eat frozen fruits

. Although the weather is cold, it’s good for food storage. However, if the fruit is frostbitten, the peel is sunken, or even discolored, it means that it is toxic, so don’t eat it any more.

3. Don’t eat off-season fruits

. Although the weather is cold, people can still see that the variety of fruits has not decreased. Maybe some of them were grown in the greenhouse, but we can’t rule out that some of them were treated with ripening agent. Fruits that are not naturally grown, though not very good in medicine, are definitely harmful to the health if they are eaten for a long time. Therefore, whether it’s vegetables or fruits, it’s best to eat in the season, and nature’s gift is the best.

warm reminder: eat fruit must understand its sex, taste, too much food is harmful to the body. In addition, some people suffering from special diseases must think twice before eating fruit, not blindly eating.

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