Don’t eat these dishes every other night!

Don’t eat these dishes every other night!

don’t eat these dishes every other night!

1, can you drink tea overnight?

overnight tea is usually due to too long time, resulting in the loss of most of the vitamins in the tea. In addition, the protein and other substances in the tea soup will slowly breed bacteria and molds; Food & quot;, So, generally speaking, it’s better not to drink any more overnight. Generally speaking, tea can stay in people’s body for about 3 hours, while our common strong tea stays longer. In this way, theophylline in tea will accumulate too much in the body, leading to neurological dysfunction. When tea is stored for a long time, it will not only lose a lot of vitamins, but also easily deteriorate; In particular, tannins in tea can even become a strong irritant oxide, especially in summer, it is easy to damage our spleen and stomach, it is easy to gastroenteritis and other symptoms.

2, can you eat eggs overnight?

when an egg is half cooked, it is easy to produce a large number of bacteria in the egg after overnight storage, which is harmful to human body, such as gastrointestinal discomfort, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, diarrhea and so on. If the eggs are cooked, we can keep them at low temperature for 48 hours. Once they are more than 48 hours, don’t eat them again.

3, overnight Tremella can eat?

Tremella is rich in nutrients, but after overnight, not only nutrients will be reduced, but also harmful ingredients will be produced. Both wild and cultivated plants contain different levels of nitrate, which will be reduced to nitrite after being cooked for a long time. People eat this kind of food, nitrite will be in the human blood, because the snow red protein material in the human blood can carry oxygen, and nitrite will make the hemoglobin in the human body be oxidized into methemoglobin, resulting in the loss of oxygen carrying function, resulting in the lack of human hematopoietic function.

4, can you drink overnight boiled water?

when we boil water for about half an hour, the content of oxides, nitrite and other harmful substances will be greatly reduced, which is the most suitable for people to drink. I believe we all know that if there is too much nitrite, it is easy to form nitrosamine, a carcinogen in human body. Moreover, experts found that the nitrite content of boiled water after repeated boiling or more than 24 hours will be significantly increased. After 24 hours, the content of nitrite in boiling water is about 1.5 times of that in boiling water. So for boiling water, it’s better to drink water now. Don’t drink boiled water that is repeatedly boiled, boiled for a long time or more than 24 hours.

5, can you drink overnight soup?

when the ironing is done and you are reluctant to throw it away, you will put it in the refrigerator and drink it again the next day. But is this really a good way? The best way is not to put salt seasoning in our soup. After the soup is cooked, I’d better use a clean spoon to fill out what we want to eat and drink today, and the rest is best to use a tile pot to keep in the refrigerator; If we put the soup in an aluminum pot, it’s easy to produce chemical reaction. It’s better to put the remaining soup in a glass or ceramic container.

6, can you eat overnight leafy vegetables?

there is a lot of nitrate in some green leafy vegetables. If you leave them for a long time after cooking, they will be decomposed by bacteria, and then the nitrate will become nitrite, which can’t be removed even if you heat them again. Generally speaking, the common stem and leaf vegetables have higher nitrate content, while the melon vegetables have lower nitrate content; So when we eat vegetables, we eat stem and leaf vegetables, such as spinach, Chinese cabbage and so on.

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