Don’t eat these foods before going to bed!

Don’t eat these foods before going to bed!

do not eat these foods before going to bed!

ice cream

ice cream contains a lot of fat. Sleeping after eating will make the body have no time to burn fat. All the sugar sends the wrong energy message to the body, then automatically stores it and turns it into fat. In addition, the study found that eating high sugar food before going to bed is prone to nightmares.

red meat

although high levels of iron and tryptophan in red meat can help sleep, red meat is rich in protein and fat, which requires longer digestion time than other foods and will keep the body working all night. Therefore, to have a deep sleep, it is best to avoid eating red meat for dinner.


the caffeine in dark chocolate can make people excited. Almost all chocolates contain a certain level of caffeine. In addition, theobromine in it can make people’s heart beat faster.

hamburgers and chips

people who often eat high-fat food will not only gain weight, but also affect the sleep cycle.


spaghetti is full of carbohydrates. If you go to sleep immediately after eating, it is easy to turn into fat, change your blood sugar level, delay sleep or wake up at night. In addition, the cheese, cream or ketchup added to the pasta may also increase the burden on your digestive system and stimulate stomach pantothenia.

how many calories people get from their food every day will affect their sleep time: people who like to eat high calorie food have shorter sleep time every day (sleep 5 & mdash; 6 hours); People with moderate calorie intake had the most standard sleep time (7 & mdash; 8 hours); People who eat too much vegetarianism and have a serious lack of calorie intake have unbalanced sleep, either very short (less than 5 hours of sleep per night) or long (more than 9 hours of sleep per night).

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