Don’t eat these overnight dishes!

Don’t eat these overnight dishes!

don’t eat these overnight dishes!

“ Overnight Food & quot; It does not only refer to the dishes that have been put for one night, but also for more than 8 days; Ten hours, it should be overnight. There are two reasons for the increase of toxic ingredients in food. The first is that the chemicals in food produce carcinogens, such as nitrite, which cannot be removed even if heated. Another reason is the second pollution of foreign bacteria. The following vegetables are especially harmful if they are kept for a long time.

green leafy vegetables are the most dangerous overnight. Generally, the nitrate content of stem and leaf vegetables was the highest, melon vegetables was slightly lower, and rhizome and cauliflower were in the middle. Therefore, if you buy a lot of vegetables at the same time, you should first eat leafy vegetables, such as Chinese cabbage, spinach and so on. If you are going to make more vegetables and eat them hot the next day, you should try to make less stem and leaf vegetables and choose melon vegetables.

overnight seafood damages liver and kidney. Crabs, fish, shrimps and other seafood will produce protein degradation products overnight, which will damage liver and kidney functions. If you buy too much, you can pack the raw seafood in the fresh-keeping bag or box, put it in the refrigerator, and cook it next time.

half cooked eggs are easy to cause disease. Many people like to eat semi cooked eggs with soft yolks, but this kind of eggs is not completely sterilized, and the eggs are rich in nutrition, which is particularly easy to breed bacteria, which will cause danger after eating. If the eggs are well cooked and properly sealed at low temperature, it’s no problem to eat them overnight.

be careful with white fungus and mushroom. Whether wild or cultivated tremella, mushrooms, etc., are easy to residue a lot of nitrate. If you put it for a long time, you have to bear the pain and throw it away.

don’t put the soup in the metal. Soup takes time and effort, people often boil a big pot, eat for several days. If the leftover soup is put in the aluminum pot or iron pot for a long time, it will release harmful substances to human body. The best way to save soup is not to put salt and other seasonings in the soup. When the soup is cooked, use a clean spoon to hold what you want to drink that day. If you can’t finish it, you’d better store it in the refrigerator with a tile pot or a fresh-keeping box.

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