Don’t forget to leave a few parts before scrapping a car, which is more than the scrapped money

everything has been used for a long time, so does a car. If it is used for a long time, the internal parts are likely to be worn or aged. Driving such a car on the road can’t guarantee your safety, Moreover, the state also stipulates that when the mileage of a car reaches 600000 km, it must be scrapped compulsorily, otherwise it will be severely punished once it is caught on the road. Let’s take a look at it with you.

The so-called scrapped vehicle is the vehicle that has reached a certain service life, or caused serious damage or poor technical condition due to other reasons, and can not be repaired, and is forced to be scrapped according to government regulations.

according to the website of the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of public security and the Ministry of environmental protection have jointly issued the document, which has been deliberated and adopted at the 68th ministerial meeting of the Ministry of Commerce on August 24, 2012 and will come into force on May 1, 2013. Among them, small and micro taxis have been used for 8 years, medium taxis for 10 years, and large taxis for 12 years; The rental car is used for 15 years.

There are three ways to scrap: first, the car owner can drive to the door to scrap; Second, the car owner calls the recycling company, and the recycling company pulls away the scrapped car; Third, the traffic police seized the scrapped cars on the road and sent them directly to the recycling company. Of course, the vast majority of car owners will open the door scrapped, in order to quickly replace the new car.

in order to avoid the illegal entry of vehicles that have reached the retirement age into the market, the disintegration process of each scrapped vehicle has to go through seven procedures: identity verification, initial solution, photo taking, archiving, cutting, dismantling and classification, which are very strict. To dismantle a scrapped car, it needs to be signed by five procedures: receiving the car, handling the scrapping certificate, transferring to the dismantling site, dismantling and acceptance after dismantling, and then inputting the scrapped data into the computer for lifelong preservation.

some car owners said that the amount of money they get from scrapping is too small. They spent hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy a car. When they scrapped, they only got a few hundred yuan, and they still had to delay a whole day. For this matter, the maintenance master gave us a suggestion. Before scrapping, they can remove the four parts of the car, which are all valuable.

In fact, I don’t need to tell you the function of the car battery

. As we all know, the car owners usually don’t pay much attention to the maintenance of the car, so the battery often breaks down, no matter when the car is scrapped or when they want to replace the battery, Don’t forget to take the old batteries away. Before scrapping, don’t forget to leave these four parts, which is more than the money you get from scrapping! Now some manufacturers buy these second-hand batteries. If you can remove them and sell them to some manufacturers, you can get an extra fee.

air conditioning compressor

although its role is relatively large, but its life is very long, that is to say, if your car has been driving for a long time, the car is close to scrap, but this item may still be able to continue to use. Can we only get a few hundred yuan for scrapped cars? Insider: it’s more money to dismantle four parts than to scrap them! I hope you can remove it before scrapping it and check whether it can still be used.


many car owners may feel that their configuration is not very good after they buy it, so they will choose to spend a lot of money to re install it, such as reversing video, etc. they must not forget to remove these configurations before scrapping. If you buy a new car without this configuration, you can install it directly at that time, and you can get a sum of money when you sell a second-hand car. Anyway, it’s more cost-effective than selling it as scrap iron.

three way catalytic converter

in fact, it can filter some harmful gases. It can be said that it is very important for a car, and it can also ensure the safety of car owners to the greatest extent. Even if this thing is broken, it can be sold for several hundred yuan. If you want to replace it with a new one, it may cost thousands of yuan. I hope the car owner can remove it before scrapping it. The above are several configurations for you to talk about. Did you remove them when scrapping cars?

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