Don’t ignore the four treasures in summer! In summer, eat four kinds of food

Don’t ignore the four treasures in summer! Summer eat four kinds of food

summer four treasures don’t ignore! Eat four kinds of food in summer

in summer, the weather is hot, especially in the long summer, the heat and humidity is more serious, people prefer to sweat, and often have poor sleep, mental fatigue, physical fatigue and other phenomena. So what do you do when you have these symptoms in the summer? Might as well start from the daily diet for conditioning it. There are some foods with the effect of dehumidification, detoxification and sterilization, appetizer and purging fire. Don’t forget to eat them in summer.

1, balsam pear most diarrhea fire

mentioned balsam pear, we are most familiar with, however, needless to say, we all know balsam pear has a very good effect of fire. In summer, the summer heat is more serious, and & lt; Summer is easy to enter the heart;, At this time, it is easy to make people upset, irritable, restless, emotional, coupled with the short days and nights in summer, sleep time is relatively reduced, sleep quality will also decline, it is easy to cause anger. According to the records of “Diannan Materia Medica”, bitter gourd enters the three channels of heart, spleen and stomach, which can relieve fire, clear heat, replenish qi and quench thirst.

there are not too many restrictions on the specific eating methods. You can choose freely according to your own taste, such as salad, quick frying and juicing. However, we should pay attention to the bitter gourd cold, easy to hurt the spleen and stomach, for the weak spleen and stomach, pregnant women and the body, weak or afraid of cold people, it should not be excessive consumption. It is believed that we all know a folk proverb & lt; ginger is the best way to dispel cold; If you eat radish in winter and ginger in summer, you don’t need a doctor to prescribe a prescription;. Therefore, ginger is the best choice in summer.

due to the hot weather in summer, many people are greedy for cold, often blowing air conditioning, eating cold drinks, which is more likely to cause cold accumulation in the stomach, and ginger is hot, appropriate consumption can remove the cold in the body, so as to eliminate the symptoms of stomach distension and diarrhea. In addition, often greedy cool air conditioning vulnerable to cold, and even waist and leg pain symptoms, eating ginger at this time can also relieve cold, warm lung cough. In the specific method of eating, you can drink ginger jujube soup, you can also mouth ginger.

3, garlic is the most bactericidal,

garlic often plays the role of seasoning in the family kitchen, and has been quietly serving for all kinds of dishes; Green leaves;, It is also an indispensable food on the table. Garlic is rich in iron, selenium and other trace elements, but also contains organic sulfide and other beneficial ingredients, which has the effect of sterilization and bacteriostasis, especially the effect of raw garlic is the best.

when eating dumplings in summer or eating barbecue stalls outside, you might as well have a garlic to sterilize and protect your health while enjoying delicious food. In this need to remind is that many people will use garlic pan when cooking, we must pay attention to the oil temperature is not too high, cooking time should not be too long, in order to reduce the damage of high temperature to allicin. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that mung bean is sweet in taste and cool in nature. It enters the heart and stomach meridian. It has the effects of clearing away heat and toxin, relieving cough and diuresis, clearing away heat and removing fire. It is the best choice for clearing away heat and heat in summer.

in hot summer, with a lot of sweating, the body is easy to lose a lot of minerals and vitamins, which leads to the disorder of the internal environment of the body. Mung bean is rich in inorganic salts and vitamins, so in hot weather, mung bean soup can supplement the lost nutrients in time, so as to achieve the goal of clearing heat and relieving summer heat. According to the record of suixiju diet chart: & lt; Mung bean is sweet and cool. It can be boiled to clear the gallbladder and nourish the stomach, relieve heat and thirst, facilitate urination, and has diarrhea granules; In addition, from the perspective of nutrition, mung bean skin is rich in polyphenols. When the skin is covered and boiled, try to avoid contact with oxygen. The dissolved polyphenols have not been oxidized. At this time, the heat clearing and detoxification effect is the strongest. It is especially suitable for people with thirst, sore throat and yellow urine.

mung bean is also a variety of edible methods, such as mung bean soup, mung bean porridge, mung bean cake are good choices. In the hot summer season, for the health of yourself and your family, come and make a mung bean food.

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