Don’t ignore the three hazards of potato chips!

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Don’t ignore the three hazards of potato chips!

, don’t ignore the three hazards of potato chips!

harm one: easy to obesity

easy to obesity is one of the hazards of potato chips, this is because potato chips belong to fried food, if you eat more, it is easy to eat a lot of salt and fat, and potato chips belong to the kind of food that the more you want to eat, so eating more is easy to obesity.

harm 2: indigestion

the essence of potato chips can be classified as junk food, what is junk food? In short, it’s the food that is delicious but not nutritious or even harmful. Eating too many chips will cause people not to eat, and easily lead to indigestion.

harm three: affect health

potato chips is not a natural food, although its raw materials are plants, but because of the oil, it is rich in oil and salt, in addition to its golden, particularly attractive, in fact, it may be excessive lemon yellow, if you eat too much, it will lead to migraine, blurred vision, asthma. Children’s IQ will also decrease after eating.

although potato chips are delicious, their harm is also great, which may not be seen in a short time. But if we eat them for a long time, it will cause a lot of serious consequences, so we should be cautious. Sometimes when we are greedy, there is no way to eat them, but if we eat too much, it will be bad, especially for parents, Pay close attention to children.

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