Don’t make these little mistakes when taking medicine!

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take medicine, don’t make these small mistakes!

error 1: taking medicine goes with the advertisement

the elderly are very easy to be fooled by the advertisement, and they are also easy to listen to others’ introduction, and take the purchase of medicine, health food and health equipment as the panacea for the body. One of my neighbors suffered from cataract. In an advertisement, I saw that a pure Chinese medicine preparation produced by a pharmaceutical factory could effectively reverse cataract, so I ordered the so-called “Chinese medicine preparation” of several thousand yuan by mail; Magic medicine;, Results two courses down, no effect. Later, the doctor told him that this kind of & lt; Medicine & quot; There is no drug approval number at all. Another neighbor, superstitious in the dealer’s propaganda, went to a medical equipment free experience hall every day, listened to the propaganda that he could cure all kinds of diseases, bought back the expensive warm physical therapy bed and a lot of health care products for treating hypertension, and stopped using antihypertensive drugs. As a result, his blood pressure rose sharply, causing stroke.

error 2: take medicine when you feel a little uncomfortable. Sometimes you feel uncomfortable and don’t need drug treatment, because these discomfort are the degenerative changes of organs and tissues caused by aging, which are generally irreversible. Taking drugs not only can’t achieve the effect, but also easily lead to adverse drug reactions. Therefore, the elderly should not take medicine immediately because of any discomfort. Even if they need to take medicine, they should go to the hospital for treatment.

error 3: expensive new medicine is good medicine

many old people think that the more expensive the medicine, the better the curative effect. In fact, the price of drugs is not necessarily related to the curative effect. The price of a drug is not determined by the curative effect of the drug on a certain disease, but by the cost of raw materials, technological process, sales links and other factors. Therefore, if there are no contraindications or adverse reactions, you can choose cheap old drugs. As a matter of fact, some expensive new medicines will soon be on the market. Doctors still lack clinical experience and pharmacists lack medication experience. Therefore, patients can not rely on new drugs for treatment.

error 4: take medicine according to your own experience

maybe & quot; Long illness makes a good doctor;, Maybe they have accumulated some common sense of medication. Many elderly people think that taking medicine only according to their own discomfort or medical theory; Guidance & quot;, You can go to the drugstore to dispense your own medicine. Some people even went to the hospital to prescribe medicine by name. In fact, this is not appropriate. For common diseases such as cold, self medication is not bad, but as a doctor, any disease depends on the experience of medication, if not, it will delay the illness. Therefore, it is best to get a doctor’s diagnosis and apply the right medicine to the case.

error five: a variety of drugs to eat

mothers have hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, a variety of diseases, daily need to take more than 20 kinds of drugs. So many drugs, some need to take before meals, some need to take after meals. In the face of so many drugs, for the convenience of taking them, it is more important not to miss them. Every time, she puts the drugs she needs to take in a medicine box and takes them together after meals. In fact, Aunt Zhang’s method of taking medicine will cause adverse consequences. Because when drugs are mixed, one drug may counteract the effect of another drug. Therefore, some drugs need to be taken at intervals. In addition, some drugs must be taken at the prescribed time, if not in accordance with the provisions, drugs can not play the desired therapeutic effect.

error 6: many pharmacies go to buy medicine

some old people feel trouble in registration, so they go to the pharmacy to buy medicine. Some people like to buy medicine in different pharmacies, or choose varieties or compare prices. However, when buying medicine, especially when buying multiple kinds of medicine, it is best to fix it to one pharmacy. In this way, pharmacists will be able to notice whether there may be side effects between the drugs you buy. If you go to multiple pharmacies to buy drugs, pharmacists may ignore the interaction between drugs because they don’t see the list of all drugs to buy.

error 7: do not use drugs before physical examination

some elderly people stop taking drugs that they must take every day before physical examination in order to make physical examination truly reflect their health. There was an old man Wang who suffered from hypertension. He didn’t take antihypertensive drugs on the day of physical examination and the day before. At the end of the physical examination, he felt dizzy. Fortunately, one side of the doctor’s emergency rescue, called 120 ambulance to the hospital, so that the cerebral hemorrhage of Uncle Wang saved his life. Therefore, drugs that must be taken every day cannot be stopped at will without the doctor’s advice.

error 8: do not take medicine according to the requirements

the elderly sometimes have the fear of taking medicine. They think that the dosage or variety of medicine is harmful to their health, so they make their own decisions to reduce the dosage or variety of medicine. Some elderly people take medicine from time to time according to their physical condition. Actually, there’s a compliance issue with medication. Some drugs can not reduce the dose or stop taking at will, otherwise it will reduce the curative effect or make the disease rebound. The elderly should listen to the doctor’s advice in advance to reduce the dosage of drugs or stop taking drugs.

error 9: it is still meaningful to use drugs after drinking. In December 1977, Chaplin, the humorist, went to sleep after a grand reception& ldquo; Murderer & quot; Who is it? After testing, we know it’s alcohol and sleeping pills. Some readers ask: can alcohol and sleeping pills cause death? That’s true. Although wine and medicine are & lt; In laws;, Farmers can also soak traditional Chinese medicine with wine to promote blood circulation and dispel wind; Medical & quot; Words are inseparable from wine, but many drugs are not the same as wine; Harmony & quot;, Some of them are quite contrary.

error 10: Traditional Chinese medicine can be used at will

generally speaking, the side effects of traditional Chinese medicine are smaller than that of Western medicine, but it does not mean that traditional Chinese medicine has no side effects, some traditional Chinese medicine itself or improper use, side effects are also very big, there is the possibility of life-threatening. Traditional medicine has never denied the toxicity of traditional Chinese medicine, and has a profound understanding of the toxicity of traditional Chinese medicine. In the national pharmacopoeia, in addition to the drugs with no obvious toxic and side effects, the toxic drugs are also divided into three grades, which are respectively marked with & lt; Small poison& ldquo; Poisoning& ldquo; Big poison;, Some drugs also indicated its nephrotoxicity, hepatotoxicity and so on.

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