Don’t mix new oil with old oil

Do not mix new oil with old oil? In fact, this way of using oil is not scientific, and there may be some potential safety hazards.

edible oil is not a storable food; Halla & quot; The appearance of taste is the result of oxidation and rancidity of oil. Oxidized oil not only reduces the nutritional value, but also may cause human aging, which may lay a hidden danger for a series of diseases. The oil will be oxidized slowly during storage, especially the oil in the oil pot, which has more chances to contact with oxygen, so the degree of oxidation is more serious than that of the sealed barrel oil.

it should be emphasized that the oxidation of oil will also & lt; Infection & quot;, Therefore, we must wait until the old oil is used up, and then fill the oil pot with new oil, otherwise the oil oxidation rate will be faster. Generally, add the amount needed for a week to the oil pot, and clean the oil pot thoroughly every three months or so.

in addition, it’s better to choose an oil pot or oil bottle with a cap that can be screwed on. Never put the oil in an open container. No matter the oil barrel or oil pot, they must be placed in a dark and cool place, so as not to be affected by the sun and high temperature.

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