Don’t neglect these points in winter,

5, waigan jiebu

when suffering from cold, cough and other exogenous diseases, don’t take tonic, in order to avoid leaving evil for silence, endless trouble.

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who needs winter supplements

, diagnosed with chronic diseases, such as chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, hypertension, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, chronic gastritis, chronic colitis, chronic hepatitis, early cirrhosis, Chronic nephritis, chronic urinary tract infection, various anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, frequent nocturia, waist and leg disease, male sexual dysfunction, female irregular menstruation, infertility, etc., and the condition is in a relatively stable or controlled stage.

2; Sub health status; Young people who have no diagnosed chronic diseases but are prone to cold, fatigue, work or mental stress for a long time.

3, rehabilitation patients after serious illness, such as postoperative, bleeding, serious illness, postpartum weak.

winter tonic is mainly from the winter solstice; 19; Start, to & lt; 99 & quot; And stop, including the use of cream prescription, medicinal wine, medicinal drink, medicinal tea, medicinal diet, Chinese medicine health care products and other types. It is better to formulate winter tonic types and prescriptions under the guidance of experienced TCM doctors according to personal conditions.

young people are mostly office workers, so they should choose the type to take, such as small bags of ointment, herbal tea, Chinese medicine health care products, etc. Young white-collar workers should actively adjust their lifestyle and maintain the four elements of health, namely, reasonable diet (including smoking cessation and alcohol restriction), moderate exercise, regular daily life and psychological balance, so as to make winter tonic play a better tonic role.

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