Don’t sell old newspapers as waste again.

many old newspapers are piled up in the house? Is there any other use besides selling as waste paper? Today, I’d like to introduce some wonderful functions of old newspapers, so that newspapers can become good helpers at home.

What are the uses of waste newspapers 6667


the most important thing to preserve green leafy vegetables is to lock up the water and avoid leaf rot. Spray some water on the leaves of vegetables, then wrap them with newspaper, put them into the refrigerator with the root down, which can effectively prolong the storage time. In addition, if the fruits just bought, such as papaya and durian, are not yet mature, they can also be wrapped in newspapers and stored in a cool place for a few days before eating.

2. Clean the windows.

due to the good water absorption of newspapers, old newspapers will not leave water marks when they are used to clean glass or mirrors, and they will not leave scurf on glass like rags. First tear the newspaper in half or fold it into a small sheet, then wet it with water and wipe it directly on the glass. After the dirt and dust are wiped off, then use the remaining newspaper to dry the glass.

to achieve better results, in addition to the use of detergent, you can also add some vinegar in the water to wipe the glass, which can wipe the water stains more clean.


for people who often cook, the cleaning table, sink and range hood in the kitchen are often stained with grease. The use of old newspapers that are easy to absorb oil to wipe the kitchen table and the greasy substances at the bottom of the pan helps to keep the drainage pipe unobstructed, while the pan with greasy substances removed will be easier to wash with clean water, which indirectly helps to save water.

in addition, after soaking in the bathtub, a layer of grease may float on the water, or a circle of dirt may remain in the bathtub. At this time, a newspaper can be used to cover the water surface to easily remove the oil stain, or wipe the bathtub with a newspaper to remove the oil stain, and then clean it with clean water, which saves time and effort.


accidentally broke something, causing glass fragments to fall all over the ground? At this time, in addition to sweeping a large area of broken glass with a broom and a dustpan, you can also wet several newspapers and lay them on the ground of broken glass. Then, carefully tap and press on the newspaper to make the glass fragments stick on the slightly wet newspaper and quickly clean up the tiny glass fragments.

in addition, this method is also suitable for the place with more dust on the ground, so that the newspaper adheres to the dust, and the dust will not fly around when cleaning.

5. Maintain shoes.

knead the newspaper into a ball and put it into the shoes, which helps to fix the shape of the shoes and prevent the shoes from collapsing easily after wearing for a long time. This can also play the role of dehumidification, killing two birds with one stone.

when the shoes are splashed wet in rainy days, newspapers can also be put into the shoes and changed every few hours to make the wet shoes dry quickly. In addition, you can also use old newspaper with shoe polish to wipe black shoes.

11 Clean the screen.

cover the screen window with newspaper and fix it with adhesive tape at the four corners. Spray the screen with detergent, take off the newspaper after a few minutes, and then wipe the screen with wet cloth.

12. You can use newspaper to clean the glass.

we first use a wet cloth to clean the dust on the glass, and then use an old newspaper to make sure the glass is clean and tidy. Newspapers can be used to remove oil stains.

wipe the stainless steel sink with newspaper, you can get rid of the annoying oil, convenient and fast. Old newspapers can be used to pack fragile articles.

can be used to lay under objects to protect them. For example, if you want to pack things, you can now lay several layers of newspapers on the bottom of the box. For fragile items, you can pack them with newspapers.

15, making origami toys.

because the size of newspaper is much larger than our common A4 paper, it can be used to fold some origami and fold various shapes with children, which is much cooler than the small ones made with ordinary paper.

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