Don’t take medicine with this water!

don’t use these water to deliver medicine!

milk: milk is a nutritious drink, which contains a lot of protein and calcium. If you take tetracycline, ferrous sulfate and other drugs with milk, it will form insoluble complex substances, affect intestinal absorption, reduce efficacy and even make drugs lose efficacy.

medicinal wine: if some sedative drugs are taken with wine, they will make people drowsy, aggravate the disease, and even lower the blood pressure. Such as aspirin and alcohol, people are easy to cause gastric bleeding after taking.

soda water: for example, the antipyretic aspirin is acidic and has certain irritation to gastric mucosa. If you take soda water, it will aggravate the irritation to gastric mucosa.

cola drink: because cola drink contains caffeine stimulant, if you take drugs with cola drink, it will have resistance with drugs and make drugs lose efficacy.

fruit juice: all drinks containing fruit juice contain fruit acid. If you take erythromycin with fruit juice, it will often affect the absorption of small intestine, thus reducing the efficacy.

, the best time to take medicine

1, fasting (early morning): bowel repellent drugs such as qusuanling, betel nut, etc. can make the drugs enter the intestine quickly, keep high concentration and act on the worm directly; Salt laxatives, such as magnesium sulfate, can make drugs enter the intestine quickly.

2. Before meals (30 minutes before eating): astringent and antidiarrheal drugs, wall protective drugs and aspirating drugs should be taken before meals, and cholagogic drugs such as magnesium sulfate and sodium cholate should be taken before meals to ensure the curative effect without excessive dilution when drugs pass through the stomach; Intestinal anti infective drugs with little stimulation of digestive system should be taken before meals.

3, meal time (a moment before and after meal): digestive drugs such as pepsin mixture should be taken at meal time to make the drugs work in time; Some drugs with strong gastrointestinal stimulation (low iron sulfate, levodopa) are taken during meals.

4, after meals (15-30 minutes after eating): the vast majority of drugs can be taken after meals. Especially for gastrointestinal irritation drugs such as aspirin, indomethacin, potassium iodide, digitalis, berberine, etc.

how long can I drink tea after taking medicine?

it’s best to drink tea after one hour, at least half an hour, but not too strong. It will affect the efficacy. In fact, it’s a traditional Chinese medicine saying that you can’t drink tea when taking medicine. It may have some influence on some traditional Chinese medicine. It’s often said that you can’t eat mung beans after taking medicine. If you take western medicine, you don’t need to worry about it. You can drink tea at any time. You can read the instructions of the medicine and it doesn’t say you can’t drink tea.

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