Don’t think whole wheat flour black spots are more healthy and delicious, low sugar whole wheat flour two color steamed bread practice

in this age of looking at the face, & lt; One white covers all ugliness; The concept of white flour is popular and white flour has been in the market for many years《 According to the dietary guide for Chinese residents, it is suggested to have a variety of foods, mainly Cereals, and a combination of thickness and fineness. The black horse of whole wheat flour should be killed in time; Black powder & quot; Can we establish our own authority in health by virtue of our own advantages? Now follow to understand it!

The past and present of wheat

is wheat from West Asia through Central Asia, or is it originated in China? There is still controversy. Although it is not clear where wheat comes from, the fact that wheat is an outstanding contributor to China’s ration cannot be ignored.

wheat occupies the second place in China’s planting area. In the early stage of traditional food crops, millet, millet, millet and so on were dominant, while wheat was rarely planted. Until the Wei and Jin Dynasties, wheat became popular, especially after the Tang and Song dynasties.

has its own aura of leading role, but it’s a little different. 666772333

what we usually call flour is made by removing bran and taking endosperm as the main raw material. If the bran is not removed, the whole wheat flour, which contains all the components of grain bran, endosperm and germ, is prepared by grinding the cleaned wheat.

whole wheat flour includes not only starchy endosperm (refined flour), but also bran and germ rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Compared with refined flour, whole wheat flour has higher nutritional value. Because of the existence of bran, the palatability of whole wheat flour and the processing characteristics of main food are affected. The active enzymes, fats and antioxidants in whole wheat flour will affect the processing and application characteristics and storage stability of whole wheat flour. Generally, untreated whole wheat flour can only store 2 & mdash; Three months.

“ Black powder & quot& ldquo; White powder & quot; Which nutrition is better?

if there is no comparison, there is no harm. Comparing whole wheat flour with refined white flour is more conducive to whole wheat flour & lt; Powder absorption & quot;.

some nutrients (especially micronutrients) in wheat are concentrated in the wheat cortex (seed coat, pericarp and aleurone layer) and germ. With the improvement of processing accuracy, the cortex and germ are completely separated from the flour, resulting in the loss of protein, minerals, dietary fiber, vitamins and other nutrients in the flour.

cereal is an important source of B vitamins in diet, including vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, vitamin B6 and folic acid. The higher the flour yield, the closer the nutritional composition to the whole wheat grain; The lower the flour yield, the closer the nutritional composition to endosperm. Although the pink of flour and the taste of flour products were improved, the nutritional components were decreased. The results showed that protein, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, nicotinic acid, iron, calcium and zinc losses of flour with higher processing accuracy were 15%, 83%, 67%, 50%, 80%, 50% and 80% respectively.

Don’t think TA is black, black spots are more healthy

reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

phenolic and terpenoid phytochemicals in whole wheat flour have antioxidant activity, reduce blood cholesterol content, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Studies have found that regular consumption of foods rich in aleurone layer and whole grains can reduce the level of low-density cholesterol in blood and the formation of hyperhomocysteinemia. High concentration of homocysteine is an independent risk factor for atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. Dietary fiber contained in whole wheat flour can absorb cholic acid, reduce the absorption rate of fat and cholesterol, and achieve the effect of reducing blood lipid.

increases satiety, promotes defecation and prevents constipation.

whole wheat flour contains dietary fiber such as cellulose, lignin and resistant starch. Cereal fiber can more effectively increase fecal volume and prevent constipation than fruit and vegetable fiber. Dietary fiber is beneficial to the growth of beneficial bacteria, regulate intestinal flora and promote health; It can be fermented by colonic bacteria to produce short chain fatty acids and gas to stimulate intestinal mucosa and promote defecation; Dietary fiber can increase the water content of feces, reduce the hardness of feces, help defecate and prevent constipation.

regulates blood glucose and blood cholesterol.

dietary fiber in whole wheat flour can reduce the absorption of sugar by small intestine, so that blood glucose will not rise rapidly due to eating. Therefore, it can reduce the release of insulin in the body. Insulin can stimulate the liver and cholesterol formation. The reduction of insulin release can affect the level of plasma cholesterol. For diabetic patients, the soft and soft taste is not conducive to blood sugar control.

reduce cancer risk

study found that whole grains and high dietary fiber intake can reduce the risk of breast cancer, human colon cancer and pancreatic cancer. beta;- Glucan can also regulate immune response by resisting infection, tumor and inflammation.

whole wheat flour as a & lt; Black powder;, There are a lot of delicious food that can be made. Hand made noodles, soft whole wheat steamed bread, dumplings with various fillings, whole wheat bread. It’s said that whole wheat flour is more compatible with soybeans and meat. Why? Because the lysine content in wheat protein is relatively low, other essential amino acids in wheat can not be fully utilized and wasted. The results showed that the biological values of wheat, millet, soybean and beef were 67, 57, 64 and 76 respectively when they were used alone. If they were used in the proportion of 39%, 13%, 22% and 26%, the utilization rate of protein could be as high as 89%.

The double color steamed bread with low sugar black whole wheat flour is

. The steamed bread fermented at one time can save the making time. As breakfast, it is full of satiety. It is low sugar but not sweet. It is suitable for those who don’t like sweet food! A toaster can do it, and it doesn’t need too much skill. Let’s do it together. Let’s make it.

materials preparation

materials 1: medium gluten flour 250-260g, fine sugar 25g, yeast 2, 5g, milk 125g

materials 2: medium gluten flour 250-260g, black whole wheat flour 62g, fine sugar 31G, milk 155g, yeast 2, 5g

accessories: a small amount of water

1, prepare materials;

2, 125g milk into the bread barrel, add 2, 5g yeast, ice milk can be used in summer, because it is two-color, and noodles can be a bread machine, a hand rub;

3. Add 250-260g of medium gluten flour;

4, select program 13 for kneading, one program is enough;

5. Knead the two kinds of dough well, then knead them by hand for a while, round them;

6. Because of the two shapes, the dough is divided into two parts. Take half of the primary color dough, flatten it, roll the rolling pin into a rectangle, and the flour has different water absorption. Therefore, even if the dough is a little dry, it doesn’t matter, and it doesn’t affect the later stage;

7. Black whole wheat flour dough is rolled into a rectangle of the same size as the primary color dough;

8. Brush a layer of water on the top, then put the primary color patch on the top and press it slightly, so that the two patches can be better bonded, and it’s ok if there is a slight irregularity;

9. Then, brush a thin layer of water on the top white face piece, roll it up from the bottom and place it down;

10, and then cut into uniform dosage with a knife, put it on the oil paper, and put it into the steamer;

11. Another method is that it can be cut into triangles;

12, put half a pot of cold water in the steamer, let it ferment for 30 minutes, and the room temperature is about 27-28 ℃;

14, open the fire, wait for the water in the pot to boil, count for 13 minutes, turn off the fire and simmer for 2 minutes;

the pot cover moves horizontally to prevent steam and water from dripping on the steamed bread. When it is cold enough to hand temperature, it can be packed.

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