Don’t throw away the broken silk stockings to make your life more wonderful!

Don’t throw away the broken silk stockings to make your life more wonderful!

: don’t throw away

1 when the silk socks are broken. If the top of the socks is broken, you can put the broken soap in the socks and hang it next to the sink. The experiment shows that the socks not only save the broken soap, but also make use of the broken socks;

2. The waste silk stockings can be used to cover the shoes that are not worn temporarily to isolate dust and protect the surface of leather shoes;

3. As silk stockings are very dust absorbing, you can use waste silk stockings to wipe suede shoes. Similarly, you can also wipe the dust on ordinary leather shoes and other things;

4. Put all the leftover transparent soap and toilet soap into silk stockings, or put them into small bottles to use as hand sanitizer after melting.

5. After cleaning and oiling season changing shoes, they are stuffed with waste newspapers, then put on old silk stockings and put away, so they don’t have to worry about damp. Even Huang Meitian is OK;

6. A silk stocking can be set on the bathroom floor drain, because it’s very hard to clean the hair. With silk socks, it’s convenient and clean to tear them off.

7, bathroom sprinkler (shower) is not easy to use, you can set a silk stockings, the effect is very good.

8. Use the old silk stockings to load the sun dried residual tea and put it in the refrigerator as deodorant.

9, the old stockings installed camphor ball or dried flowers hanging in the wardrobe, the effect is also very good.

10. When taking a bath, put wild chrysanthemum and mint in old silk stockings. After soaking in the bathtub, you can directly use them to take a bath. After washing, your skin will be very refreshing.

11. There will be a lot of small stains on the surface of the kitchen cabinet that are not easy to remove. If you directly use the brush with detergent, it will leave scratches. But if you wrap two layers of old silk stockings on the brush, there will be no such problem.

12. I used iron wire and old silk stockings to make fish and insects, cloth dolls and small flowers to decorate sweaters.

13. The elasticity and extensibility of silk stockings are very good. When they are used to tie old newspapers, they can stretch freely without waste.

14. Worn out and discarded silk stockings can be used to make flowers and crafts.

15, let shoes no longer change the collection method, eliminate the combination of long stockings and short stockings is the best, but also the most lovely shoe support frame. Just put the broken stockings or hail loose old stockings into the heel.

16. Put the old silk stockings on the broom to clean the floor, and then use it to clean the floor. It can effectively remove the dirty things that are difficult to handle, such as hair and cotton wadding, and the effect is very good.

17, silk stockings rolled into roses and then colored, very beautiful.

18. The camera lens wrapped in silk stockings can be used as a soft light.

19. In winter, people often put a pair of cotton felt mats in the cotton shoes. The cotton felt mats are warm, but they also have some disadvantages. For example, it’s not easy to wear when wearing shoes, and it’s easy to pilling and dirty after a long time. We can put a pair of old silk stockings on the cotton felt mats, and these disadvantages can be solved. It’s easy to wear when wearing shoes, and the cotton felt mats will never pilling again, If it’s dirty, just take down the stockings and wash them.

20. Soap wrapped in old socks can be used to brush the basin. Put in old sponge, can be used as brush.

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