Don’t throw away the old toothbrush. The alternative usage of toothbrush is

Don’t throw away the waste toothbrush. Teach you the alternative usage of toothbrush

, the alternative usage of toothbrush

1, when eyebrow brush

. If you buy eyebrow pen without eyebrow brush, then you can easily replace it with waste toothbrush. But the best toothbrush bristles do not too hard, and just lines / show eyebrow friends do not easily try to avoid allergies.

2, lip exfoliation

every part of the human body produces dead skin all the time. Usually we have facial exfoliation and body exfoliation scrub, but rarely lip exfoliation. First, apply some essential oil on your lips, then brush it roundly with a toothbrush, and give you a pair of delicate lips ~

3, hand (elbow) whitening

. First, mix natural lemon juice (half cup), baking soda / sodium bicarbonate (one teaspoon) with a cup of water to whiten & lt; Cocktails & quot;, Then dip it in with a toothbrush and gently brush the dead skin that has been tanned or accumulated dark for too long. Especially for the elbow.

4, remove nail dirt

you may not have a special nail brushing tool, but a pair of toothbrush can play a big role, fine bristles can easily brush away the dirt hidden under the nails. Of course, you can also use it with some essential oil to brush the dead skin on the edge of your nails.

, create

of the magic nail polish

when you want to change the dull manicure of nail polish and try to pop art, you can save the trouble of going to the nail shop. Prepare the different nail polish you want to dye, pour it onto the cardboard, then brush it with your toothbrush, and carefully dip it on your nails. For several times, the art nail is completed.

6, emergency treatment & lt; Fly legs & quot;

sometimes Mascara does not give or suck too much attention, which is easy to cause the phenomenon of fly legs. Using a toothbrush with a clean toothbrush, you can wipe off the excess mascara, so that the eyelashes are free of burden, the eyes are more ~

7, and the fluffy natural hairstyle is

. If you want to make the carefully treated hair look more natural and friendly, you can try to use toothbrush to brush the hair with a super small bristle brush to make it look more fluffy.

8, dredge the hair dryer

, clean the vent of the hair dryer from time to time with a toothbrush, and the time of hair drying can be greatly shortened.

9, DIY hair dye

buy your own hair dye at home, you can use a toothbrush to help, especially when you only want to pick dye, if you still have to work hard, even if you use a large toothbrush, it is estimated that it will take half a day.

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