Don’t throw away the old towel! Many uses!

, don’t throw away old bath towel! Many uses! Clean the greasy oil on the range hood and the solidified vegetable soup on the dining table. It will be very difficult to wipe with a rag alone. At this time, you might as well try to use a bath towel dipped in some dry flour to wipe. The flour is covered with oily sludge. Once it is rubbed, it will fall into a ball, and then it can be washed clean with water. Because the concave and convex texture on the surface of the towel helps to scrape off the stains, and the flour can absorb the oil.

2, wash clothes

down jacket this kind of clothes, can’t use the washing machine to wash, can only use the hand to rub, still can’t use too much strength, afraid to rub out the hair inside! But if you don’t work hard, you can’t wash the dirty places. At this time, it’s very easy to wash with a towel. It doesn’t take much effort, and it’s fast and clean!

3, shoeshine

old bath towel, turn it inside over, so that the cotton lining is exposed outside, when the shoes are polished, put it on the hand to polish the shoes, polish the hand is not dirty, can also wipe the clay on the shoes, the effect is good. Because of the concave and convex texture, the shoeshine is cleaner!

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