Drink milk on an empty stomach in the evening

it can be said that milk is a favorite drink for many friends. Many friends like to drink milk every day to increase the nutrition they need in the body. Some friends prefer to drink a glass of milk when they eat in the morning, while others prefer to drink a glass of milk before they go to bed in the evening. How about drinking milk on an empty stomach at night? Is it harmful to our health? Can we absorb the nutrition of milk when we drink milk on an empty stomach at night?

some people like to drink milk at night, because these friends think that drinking milk on an empty stomach at night is helpful to sleep. I don’t know if this statement is right. The following article gives you a detailed introduction of some precautions about drinking milk. Let’s understand it together, and hope it can help you.

first point: heating precautions

if you use the microwave oven heating time should not be more than 1 minute, after a long time, vitamin C will certainly be destroyed, and protein will denaturate, there will be caramel and gliadin these things, is not good for human body, some even carcinogenic

, some people like to drink boiled milk, It’s very fragrant, and the boiled milk often has a layer of milk skin. Many people think that the milk with milk skin is good milk, but it’s wrong. First of all, what is milk skin? Milk skin is formed in the process of heating because the evaporation of air on the surface is equal to the solidification of protein on the surface. However, the current technology strives to prevent it from being separated out, which is of poor quality; At the same time, when cooking milk, many people like to put sugar. Of course, adding sugar is OK, but we must wait for the milk to cool quickly before adding sugar. If we add sugar when heating, sugar will react with protein at high temperature. Without our absorption,

, the best way is to put it in hot water for a few minutes through the bag, and the milk will be hot.

second point: some taboos of drinking milk

many people like to drink milk on an empty stomach, but the milk can not be fully enzymolysis, the protein will soon be converted into energy consumption, and the nutrients can not be well digested and absorbed. Some people may also have abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms, so don’t drink milk on an empty stomach, but eat something first.

it should be noted that everything can be drunk with milk, for example, the fruit acid in orange juice and milk protein will react and coagulate together, so don’t drink milk with orange, If you eat chocolate together, it will affect the absorption. You can do an experiment at home to see the effect

. The third point: will you gain weight by drinking milk? 6667

protein, the main component of milk, is not digested and absorbed so quickly. This is that drinking milk before going to bed will not burden the energy consumption at night, And it will also make you not feel hungry after getting up the next morning, so drinking milk before eating will not affect weight loss, especially choose skim or low-fat milk; Of course, if you have edema constitution, it is recommended that you drink it within 1.5-2 hours before going to bed, and do not eat / drink any liquid food / drink within 1 hour before going to bed, which is effective for your weight loss.

about the problem of drinking milk on an empty stomach in the evening, the article also explained, I hope you can understand the content of this knowledge, the article also introduced some of the details of attention in drinking milk, these knowledge also hope friends can grasp, only the correct grasp of these, we drink milk, can absorb nutrition.

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