Drink mineral water all the time, OK?

drinking water is essential in our life. Many people like to put a bottle of mineral water or hot boiled water on their body. They will come to the south to quench their thirst when they are exercising or thirsty. But if they don’t drink water, it will also cause cancer. I believe many people ignore this problem. So, which water can’t be drunk? Next, Xiaobian will tell you specifically what we should pay attention to when we drink water in our daily life.

1. Don’t drink overnight water

the long-standing boiled water will continuously decompose the nitrogen-containing organic matter into nitrite. At the same time, it is inevitable that the intervention of microorganisms will accelerate the decomposition of nitrogen-containing organic matter. The harm of nitrite to the body is well known, it has a strong ability to combine with hemoglobin in the body, will hinder the normal oxygen transport function of the blood, but also easy to cause cancer. Therefore, it’s best to drink the boiled water on the same day.

2. Bottled water stored in the trunk for a long time cannot be drunk.

bottled water bottles are made by adding some plasticizers (also known as plasticizers in Taiwan) to help shape. If the water is stored for a long time, some plasticizers will dissolve into the water, and the drinking water will have a plastic smell. The toxicity of plasticizer DEHP is 20 times more than that of melamine. A person who drinks 500 ml of water mixed with DEHP has exceeded the upper limit of daily consumption.

therefore, in foreign countries, bottled water should be stored at low temperature and away from light. Some people put a box of water in the trunk and take it out when they drink. This is wrong.

3. The water filtered by water purifier should not be drunk for a long time.

domestic water purifier is a deep processing of tap water. There are active carbon and other substances in its filter device, which will absorb particles, bacteria, viruses and other foreign matters in tap water. Therefore, after the water purifier is processed, the water will become particularly bright, much brighter than tap water.

but in the process of filtration, minerals beneficial to the human body are also easy to be filtered out. Therefore, from the perspective of safety, it is necessary to install the water purifier. However, due to the lack of minerals and other trace elements needed by the human body, it is not suitable to drink the water filtered by the water purifier for a long time, including the purchase of barreled or bottled purified water.

4. Drinking “thousand boiling water” is easy to be poisoned.

some people in life are afraid that the water is not clean, and the tap water needs to be boiled for more than ten minutes before drinking, which is the so-called “thousand boiling water”.

experts say this habit is wrong. In some places, the mineral content of tap water itself is relatively high. After a long time of water burning, the mineral elements in the water will be concentrated after steam evaporation. For example, the lead content of tap water itself is qualified. After a long time of water burning, the water will be concentrated and the tap water will not be qualified.

in addition, tap water is disinfected with chlorine. Some organic pollutants in water, once combined with chlorine, will form a disinfection by-product, which belongs to class a carcinogen. The longer the time of burning, the higher the amount of disinfection by-product. People used to say that steamer water can’t be drunk. It’s poisonous after drinking. Steamer water is burned repeatedly. That’s what it means. How long is the appropriate heating time? Experiments have proved that it is best to turn off the fire as soon as it is boiled. After the water is boiled, most of the bacteria can be eliminated. Generally speaking, except for the bacteria with spores, other bacteria and viruses will die at about 80 degrees.

5. Not all mineral water can be drunk

now many people always think that as long as it is mineral water is good water, so some people specially take bottles and cans to the mountain and other places to pick up the mountain spring water. But in fact, not all mineral water is suitable for drinking. Mineral water in some areas.

for example, in the suburbs of Tianjin, the fluoride content of water is very high. Although it is also mineral water, long-term drinking will lead to fluorosis, dental fluorosis and other diseases, so it is not suitable for drinking. As a natural mineral water for drinking, the country has strict restrictions on the standard, the water of toxic and harmful metals or other minerals can not exceed the standard.

the proportion of minerals in the water is also crucial. If the sodium is high, the taste will feel a little salty; When the metal ion is high, it will feel metallic; If the proportion is right, there will be a sweet feeling. If you feel salty, metallic or earthy when drinking water, this kind of water is problematic.

6. Don’t drink the tap water as soon as you turn it on in the morning. Experts say that if the tap water just leaves the factory, there is no problem. Because the staff of our country’s waterworks are basically graduate students and doctoral students, and their cultural level and technical level are relatively high; In addition, the equipment of waterworks is also very advanced, which ensures the health and safety of tap water. But in the process of transportation, there are secondary pollution problems such as pipeline, water tower and water tank.

in addition, many families are used to drinking bottled water now, and the seemingly well sealed bottled water should also be drunk in three or four days. Because after barreled water has been opened for a long time, bacteria will slip in along the water inlet, and negative pressure will be formed when the water dispenser comes out of the water, and some air will inevitably be inhaled, and bacteria and microorganisms in the air will also “take advantage of the void”. If you don’t drink it in a short time, the bacteria will exceed the standard, and the purified water will no longer be pure.

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