Drink more water after drinking to reduce the harm of drinking

it’s almost time for barbecue all over the street, and beer is the most indispensable for barbecue. Barbecue and beer are known as the most perfect partner. In addition, beer is also one of the most common drinks, Although beer is relatively small compared with Baijiu, it contains some alcohol. If too much is consumed, it will also cause harm to people’s health. Therefore, in order to ease the harm caused by beer to humans, there are a few tips for sharing.

Drinking is harmful to your health. To achieve these four points can reduce the harm of drinking!

the first, limit the amount of drinking

, as the saying goes, small wine is refreshing and big wine is harmful. It means that drinking a small amount of wine can help us relax tendons and activate blood circulation, which is helpful to our body. If we want to drink too much, it will make a lot of alcohol into our body. If there is too much alcohol in our body, it will cause a lot of alcohol to enter our body, Then there will be alcoholism.

so when we drink, we must control ourselves according to the amount of alcohol we drink. We should not drink too much, and it will have a serious impact on our health.

second, pay attention to the intake of food when drinking

some men often have a habit when drinking, that is, they only drink without eating vegetables when drinking. They usually drink on an empty stomach. In fact, this habit is very harmful to the body, because when there is no food in the abdomen, they will accumulate a lot of stomach acid, And if you don’t neutralize stomach acid through food, it is very likely that excessive alcohol content will lead to organ failure due to anaerobic respiration in the body, so we must develop the habit of eating while drinking when drinking, and it’s better to eat more vegetables.

The third way is to walk properly after drinking

most people tend to choose to sleep after drinking, because at this time, the body’s organs will be in a semi dormant state because of too much alcohol in the body, resulting in dizziness and sleepiness, But this kind of behavior will aggravate the organ failure in the body, so the most correct way is that we can walk properly, so as to achieve our own anti alcohol effect through the sweat discharged from the body, so we must pay attention to walking after drinking for friends who love drinking.

fourth, drink more water after drinking

drink more water after drinking can be said to be a good way to relieve alcohol, because the body’s internal water increases, then it will promote the metabolism of the body, and the frequency of urination will also increase, because the body’s water increases, it will play a very good dilution effect on the internal alcohol, more conducive to relieve alcohol.

excessive drinking will not only make people lose control of perception, thinking, emotion, intelligence and behavior, but also destroy people’s body, leading to nutritional disorders, mental disorders, gastrointestinal discomfort and liver damage, and even lead to heart or cancer and other diseases and serious consequences of poisoning death. However, for good drinkers, there are always excuses for what is in the cup. Now let’s take a look at the top 10 lies about drinking, and recognize the truth that drinking is harmful.

lies 1: Liquor damage, red wine,

people think that drinking liquor, health, wine, drink more never mind. In fact, whether red or Baijiu, the key is to control the amount of drinking.

experts pointed out that the weekly consumption of alcohol is less than 140 grams for men and less than 70 grams for women, and those who exceed this number are at risk of alcoholic liver disease. 140 grams of alcohol is equivalent to 3-4 of two of 50 degrees Baijiu, that is to say, adult men drink 50 degrees of Baijiu not more than 3-4 two per week, while red wine is controlled at 122 per day.

Lie 2: wine to drink is very fashionable

nowadays, drinking to drink has become a kind of drinking fashion. Red wine with Sprite, whisky with iced black tea, beer with coke & hellip& hellip; Various & lt; Mix and match; There are so many combinations. Due to the low concentration of the mixed drink, it feels like a drink, so many people have a special preference for it.

but experts warn that carbonated drinks, which are usually used for mixing wine, emit carbon dioxide gas in the stomach, which will force alcohol into the small intestine quickly, and the small intestine absorbs alcohol much faster than the stomach, thus increasing the damage.

in addition, drinking with drinks seems to dilute the wine, but it is easy for people to drink more. Because at the beginning, the drinker feels like he is drinking a drink, so he drinks hard. Once he detects the effect of alcohol, he has drunk too much.

lie 3: Bacon, sausages do next wine

dinner do not drink on an empty stomach, if you can not eat something in advance, the best is to eat and drink. It should be noted that salted fish, sausage or bacon should not be used for drinking, because such smoked food contains a lot of pigments and nitrosamines, which can react with alcohol, not only damage the liver, but also damage the oral and esophageal mucosa, and even induce cancer.

in order to minimize the damage of alcohol to the stomach and liver, and reduce the occurrence of fatty liver, it is best to eat something before drinking, such as a glass of milk, or eggs and meat, because these high protein foods can combine with alcohol in the stomach, react, and reduce the absorption of alcohol.

lie 4: red face is not easy to get drunk when drinking

& quot; People who drink and blush don’t get drunk easily;, This sentence is often used as a reason for drinking at banquets. But in fact, drunkenness has little to do with facial expression.

some people think it’s a good thing to have a red face like Guan Gong after drinking wine. They think it represents good blood circulation and can quickly decompose alcohol, so it’s not easy to get drunk. However, experts pointed out that the amount of alcohol and face does not have much to do with, vary from person to person. In fact, the reason why many people think that people with red faces are not easy to get drunk is that people with red faces generally don’t encourage them to drink, so they drink less. In addition, they are sleepy after drinking, and they will be energetic after sleeping for 15-30 minutes, while people with white faces often don’t know their bottom line and drink too much in high excitement.

Lie 5: deep feelings, a stuffy

some people like to drink fast wine, always persuade everyone & lt; Deep feeling, a dull mouth; If you’re feeling shallow, lick it& ldquo; Take a walk;.

in fact, the speed of drinking should be slow rather than fast. If you drink fast, the blood alcohol concentration will rise quickly, and you will soon get drunk. If you drink slowly, your body will have enough time to decompose the alcohol, and the amount of alcohol will be less, so it is not easy to get drunk.

lie 6: high alcohol is strong enough

in daily life, some people always feel that low alcohol liquor is made by blending alcohol with pure water, and it is boring to drink, while high alcohol liquor is mostly brewed for grain, so it is more exciting to drink when drunk.

in fact, the higher the alcohol content, the higher the alcohol content. Because more than 90% of alcohol into the body is metabolized through the liver, a large amount of alcohol increases the burden of liver decomposition of alcohol, the higher the degree of alcohol, the greater the intake, the more serious the damage to the liver. In addition, a variety of enzymes and vitamins are needed to decompose alcohol through the liver. The higher the alcohol degree of alcohol, the more enzymes and vitamins consumed by the body.

the old wine has both advantages and disadvantages for our health. The key lies in how we drink. We must remember to act according to our own actual situation. Don’t be a hero at the wine table, otherwise we will be injured.

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