Drink plenty of water, drink seven cups of water every day, keep fit and detoxify

now & lt; Drink plenty of hot water; This word is becoming more and more common, and it has even become a kind of irony. In fact, in

, many people know that they should drink more water every day, but many people have doubts. How can I drink so much water every day without feeling any health care effect?

in fact, drinking water does not depend on how much, but on whether you can drink it. Here are 10 best ways to drink water, you need to get up!

the first cup of water: 6:30 (promoting defecation and beautifying)

the second cup of water: 8:30 (caring and healthy)

the third cup of water: 11:00 (relieving fatigue and relaxing)

the fourth cup of water: 12:50 (reducing weight)

the fifth cup of water: 15:00 (refreshing and refreshing)

the sixth cup of water: 17:30 (digestion and absorption)

the seventh Cup of water: 20:00 (tranquilizing and excreting)

5、 How to drink for stomachache; Water conservation; measures. The temperature of cooking porridge should be over 60 ℃. This temperature will produce a gelatinization effect. The soft, tender and hot porridge will melt at the mouth, and it is very easy to digest after eating. It is very suitable for people with gastrointestinal discomfort.

6, insomnia how to drink

drink a small cup of hot water. The massage effect of hot water is a powerful tranquilizer, and the body gradually enters the state of sleep, which is a process of moderate temperature drop. Taking a hot bath before going to bed is the same as soaking your feet in hot water. It can give you a warm external environment, make up for the discomfort caused by hypothermia, and make you sleep. Seven, constipation how to drink

big mouth to drink water. There are two causes of constipation: one is that there is no water in the body, and the other is that the excretion capacity of intestinal organs is a little weak. The former needs to find out the cause of disease and drink more water everyday. The latter’s temporary prescription is: take a few mouthfuls of water, swallowing faster, remember, don’t take small mouthfuls to drink, so the water flow speed is slow, the effect is not obvious.

eight, irritable how to drink

high frequency drinking water. People’s mental state is related to their physiological functions: endorphins produced by the brain are called & lt; Happiness hormone;, Adrenaline is often called & lt; Pain hormone;. When a person is suffering and irritable, the adrenaline will soar, and drinking water helps to calm the mood.

9, how to drink heart disease

a glass of water before going to bed. If you have a bad heart, you can develop the habit of drinking a glass of water before going to bed, which can prevent diseases such as angina pectoris and myocardial infarction that are prone to occur in the early morning.

if you drink a glass of water before going to bed, it can reduce the viscosity of the blood and reduce the risk of heart attack. Such a cup of water before going to bed, but a cup of life-saving water! Of course, pay attention to the amount, not too much!

ten, after strenuous exercise fever how to drink

intermittent, small mouth water is appropriate. When we talk about fever here, we mean that when you exercise hard, your body temperature rises suddenly and a lot of sweat is discharged. This time people will feel tired, and appropriate drinking water is the most urgent care for the body.

water can regulate the normal circulation of blood and tissue fluid, dissolve nutrients, but it should be noted that: it is taboo to supplement water violently during exercise, such as drinking two bottles of drinks at a time, which will further increase the burden of the heart, and it is also a good maintenance plan to supplement water before exercise.

Of course, some people suffer from certain diseases, not suitable for drinking more water, which is another matter, to comply with the doctor’s advice!

1. Drink plenty of warm water. The water temperature should not be too high or too low.

we always hear that drinking plenty of hot water is good for your health, but the hotter it is, the better. Whether you eat or drink water, it will pass through your mouth, esophagus and finally reach your stomach. If the water temperature is too high, it will scald your oral mucosa and esophageal mucosa, If you drink water with high temperature frequently, the mucosa will be damaged repeatedly, which will easily lead to chronic inflammation. Therefore, we say that drinking more hot water is not the higher the temperature, the better. Generally, the most appropriate temperature is 35 to 40 degrees.

2, try to drink less cold water or no cold water

many people will choose to drink cold water to quench thirst and cool down when the weather is hot and dry. But in fact, cold water does great harm to the body. Drinking cold water and cold water often will directly damage the Yang Qi of the spleen and stomach. In the long run, it is easy to form a weak cold constitution, People with this constitution often have cold hands and feet.

in addition, often drinking cold water will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in stomach pain, the formation of stomach disease. Therefore, for our health, we can drink more warm water in our daily life. Warm water can not only promote the peristalsis of gastrointestinal tract, but also help the digestion of food, which is very good for our body.

3, can’t drink hot water

it’s always said that water is the medicine for all diseases, which is actually wrong. The reason why water is endowed with such powerful effect is that drinking more hot water is conducive to health, and many diseases will cause patients to lack of water. Drinking water at this time can obviously reduce the symptoms of diseases, therefore, Many people mistakenly believe that water can cure all diseases. Of course, for patients with different diseases, drinking water is also particular. For patients with fever, they should drink some warm water. For patients with dry mouth, hot urine and dry eyes, they should drink some water with relatively low temperature. Generally, 25 degrees is the most appropriate temperature.

warm tips

drinking water can really relieve the symptoms of most diseases, but water can not cure the disease. Therefore, when you feel unwell, you should first add more water and drink warm water, and then you should go to the hospital in time to check and prescribe the right medicine.

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