Drink soya bean milk easy flatulence how to do?

Drink soya bean milk easy flatulence how to do?

how to drink Soybean Milk easy flatulence to do?

some people will produce flatulence when eating soy products or drinking soy milk. In fact, it is because soybeans contain some oligosaccharides that cannot be digested and absorbed by human body. After soybeans germinate, some oligosaccharides will be decomposed, which will not produce flatulence. Therefore, it is very suitable for people who are easy to flatulence or have poor digestion.

small molecule protein of germinated soybean is beneficial for human body to absorb

nutritionist Zhang Peirong pointed out that in the process of germination, the sugar and fat stored in the seed will be converted into small molecule protein and fiber to supply nutrients to the embryo, so the protein and fiber content of germinated soybean will increase, The content of carbohydrate decreased. The small molecular protein of germinated soybean is more beneficial to intestinal absorption.

soybean sprouting at the same time, but also promote the human body essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients proliferation, sprouting soybean contains vitamin B2 increased 2-3 times, vitamin B6 and nicotinic acid increased 4 times, folic acid increased 1-2 times, especially phytochemicals such as beta- Carotene is greatly increased, in addition to the production of soybean did not have the original vitamin C.

5 soybean milk is easy to loose bowels when it is not cooked. It takes five minutes to boil for peace of mind

reminds the public that if you make soybean milk at home, you must remember to cook it completely, because raw beans contain saponins that can cause diarrhea and pancreatic enzyme inhibitors that inhibit protein digestion. However, the activity of saponin and trypsin inhibitor will be destroyed after high temperature cooking. Therefore, as long as the soybeans are completely cooked, there is no need to worry too much. It is suggested that the soybeans should be boiled for another 5 minutes after boiling and bubbling.

sprouting soymilk 1-2 cups a day is just right

according to the suggestion, adults need 3-8 servings of protein a day, drink 1-2 cups of sprouting soymilk (260C. C.) a day, you can get full nutrition. However, because of the high nutritional value of sprouting soybean milk, drinking it as water every day will not only cause a burden on the kidney, but also easily absorb too many calories. On the contrary, it will supplement the body’s fat. No matter how good the food is, it must be eaten in an appropriate amount in order to really eat healthy.

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