Drink strong tea to be able to sober after drunk?

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Drink strong tea to be able to sober after drunk?

can drink strong tea after getting drunk?

many people think that drinking tea after getting drunk can sober up, and they mainly drink strong tea. Can drinking strong tea really sober up people’s brain? Does drinking tea after getting drunk have an effect on health? Now let’s see if drunkenness can wake up the bar by drinking strong tea!

relevant experts said that drinking a lot of tea can increase urination, thus taking away part of the alcohol in the body, which has certain benefits for reducing alcoholism. In addition, tea can make people awake, so as to achieve the effect of sobering up. In fact, drinking strong tea not only can’t relieve alcohol, but also can produce adverse reactions to the body.

wine contains alcohol, which can cause great stimulation to cardiovascular system. After drinking alcohol, alcohol enters the human body and stimulates the nervous system, which can accelerate the heart beat, dilate blood vessels and accelerate blood flow. Especially when people are drunk, this kind of excitement will intensify and turn into a kind of bad stimulation.

theophylline and caffeine contained in tea also have the effect of exciting the heart beat. After getting drunk, strong tea can relieve the alcohol, which is just like adding fuel to the fire for the heart, thus accelerating the heart beat and increasing the burden on the heart. On the contrary, it has an adverse effect on health, which is the opposite.

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