Drinking and eating these foods is not easy to get drunk

It’s not easy to get drunk when drinking these foods. Salt water and pickles can also be used as antidotes.

drink some light salt water before drinking, diuretic, can let the wine out as soon as possible, can be in boiled water with a little salt after drinking.

drink a glass of milk before drinking.

doing so can delay the absorption of alcohol by the human body and play a delaying role. However, to remind that lactose intolerance and indigestion of friends do not use this method.

drink a cup of honey water when drinking.

whenever you drink, put a cup of honey water or honey in front of you. Drinking without water is very harmful to your stomach. So take a cup of honey water, every drink a cup of wine, drink some honey water. This can not only increase the amount of alcohol, but also reduce the harm of alcohol to human body, at the same time, less suffering from some drinking.

eat an egg.

eggs are rich in cysteine and have detoxification effect. Research found that eggs rich in B vitamins can alleviate the hangover.

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