Drinking drinks for a long time can lead to osteoporosis. What are the 9 benefits of not drinking drinks

drinking only boiled water, no coffee, no sugar drinks and no alcohol? At some point, everyone decides not to drink carbonated drinks, coffee or alcohol. But when was the last time you had coffee or coke? Probably this morning, right? Now follow to understand it!

1 Reduce calorie intake. A cup of tea with sugar will make you absorb 30 more calories; Have a cup of coffee in the morning, about 250 calories; A 500 ml Coca Cola is 210 calories. What about the water? Zero calorie, and it obviously helps you to replenish water, because it’s water.

2, ease appetite. Water can suppress your appetite. After all, you may not be hungry at all, just thirsty.

3, improve brain operation. About 75-85% of the brain is water. If you keep enough water, the brain will work better, making you more focused and energetic. If you have to wait for math, remember to drink more water.

4, water is cheaper. Drinking water is not only good for your health, but also good for your wallet.

5, improve metabolism. Drinking water immediately after getting up will improve your metabolism throughout the day. Research shows that drinking 500 ml of water can increase people’s metabolic rate by 30%; Use a glass of water to start the engine in your body.

6 Make your skin better. Stop drinking sweet drinks and switch to water, which will make your skin better. It will make your skin wetter and you won’t be bothered by the headache caused by lack of water.

7. It’s smoother when going to the toilet. Water allows you to defecate regularly, coupled with a high fiber diet, you can have the highest quality toilet trip. Urination may become frequent, but that’s not a bad thing.

8. Good for heart. If you are extremely short of water, the blood will thicken and the heart will have to work harder. Drinking five glasses of water a day can reduce the risk of heart disease by 41% compared with drinking two glasses of water a day, research shows.

9, help exercise. When you lack water, you can’t fully develop your physical strength. If you want to break your personal best record, make sure you have plenty of water.

Carbonated beverage is a kind of soft drink filled with carbon dioxide gas, which is often called soda. Its main components include sugar, spices, carbonated water, citric acid and other acidic substances, and some contain caffeine, artificial pigments and so on. In addition to sugars can supplement energy to the human body, the general carbonated drinks almost do not contain nutrients. If you drink too much carbonated drinks, the high phosphorus may change the proportion of phosphorus and calcium in the human body, and long-term drinking is easy to cause calcium deficiency. Studies have found that people who drink too much carbonated drinks are about three times more likely to have fractures than people who don’t drink too much carbonated drinks. Similarly, children who are in the period of growth and development had better not drink carbonated drinks, but drink some pure fruit juice drinks appropriately. According to a study in the United States, carbonated drinks can affect the bone development of children, and easily cause osteoporosis in the middle-aged and elderly, especially in women during menopause.

studies have confirmed that sufficient carbon dioxide in beverages can not only play a role in sterilization and bacteriostasis, but also can take away the heat in the body through evaporation, playing a cooling role. However, if you drink too much carbonated drinks, it will cause harm to the stomach, but also affect digestion. This is because a lot of carbon dioxide in the inhibition of bacteria in beverages, at the same time, the beneficial bacteria in the human body will also have inhibitory effect, and then the digestive system will be damaged. Especially for young people, if they drink too much carbonated drinks, the released carbon dioxide can easily cause abdominal distension, affect appetite, and even cause gastrointestinal dysfunction. Moreover, too much sugar in the beverage is absorbed by the human body, which will produce a lot of heat. Long term drinking is easy to cause obesity. Most importantly, it will also bring great burden to the kidneys, which is also one of the hidden dangers of diabetes.

for a long time, poor sleep quality has become a major problem for modern people. However, people do not pay enough attention to the phenomenon of stomachache at night. Experts say that if a person experiences two or more attacks of stomachache during sleep every month, it is likely to be a disease of stomachache during sleep. Experts have found that excessive consumption of carbonated drinks can also lead to stomach pain during sleep. Because carbonated drinks contain more acidic substances, it will lead to the increase of acidity in the stomach, and then produce adverse stimulation, and even damage the gastric mucosa. Moreover, if the intake of more acidic substances, will lead to blood in an acidic state for a long time, is not conducive to blood circulation, people are easy to burnout, immunity will decline, at this time, a variety of pathogenic microorganisms will also take advantage of, people are easy to infect a variety of diseases.

In addition, we all know that obesity is caused by the body’s energy intake is greater than energy consumption. Moreover, diet is an important factor leading to obesity. In recent years, with the development of & lt; Coca Cola; Or & lt; McDonald’s style & quot; The diet and living habits of obese people are becoming more and more popular, and the number of obese people is also increasing. According to the study, a 375 ml can of coke contains about 147 calories, which is equivalent to about one eighth of the daily calories of normal people. This shows that drinking too much carbonated drinks is likely to lead to obesity. If obesity occurs in children, it may make it more susceptible to mental disorders, hypertension, fatty liver, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, diabetes and sleep apnea syndrome, which may also lead to poor reproductive system development.

everything has to be & lt; Degree;. Once it’s beyond this & lt; Degree;, Even nutritious food may become harmful or surplus, threatening our health. Therefore, we should drink less sugary carbonated drinks to prevent weight gain, tooth decay and other health problems. If you must drink sports drinks, don’t SIP them. You should drink them as quickly as possible. You can also drink them with straw, because it can reduce the time of contact between drinks and teeth. In addition, don’t brush your teeth immediately after drinking. It’s better to rinse your mouth with water and brush your teeth after half an hour, otherwise it will do more harm to enamel. In addition, there are some sports drinks or water, which can only be effective after a lot of exercise. Scientists suggest that the most thirst quenching and beneficial drink is still boiled water. Therefore, for our own health, we should drink more water and less drinks.

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