Drinking milkshakes can also adjust premenstrual syndrome

female friends want to eat very much before they come to menstruation every month, so why not indulge their taste buds in these days and drink some desserts that help to prevent and relieve spasm and other PMS symptoms? Studies have found that diets rich in vitamin D and calcium are likely to reduce the risk of PMS by 40% because they change the level of estrogen in the body. So you can try this low calorie treatment: Mix 1 cup of skimmed milk with 1 cup of frozen strawberries. This 160 calorie drink gives you 25% of the calcium and vitamin D you need.

drink apple juice to relieve headache? Apple juice or cider (hot or cold) can significantly reduce your headache, and its treatment time is even as long as an aspirin.

research shows that if you like the smell of fresh apples, it can have a very significant therapeutic effect on your body. On weekdays, 90% of what people say is smell. Green apples or any kind of apple juice (fresh or concentrated) can help relieve the pain caused by headache.

drink lemonade to increase energy

whether you want to keep energetic in the morning or feel depressed in the afternoon, drinking lemonade is a good choice. A study from Chicago shows that lemon taste can play an anti fatigue role by stimulating the nerves in the nose, which in turn can “wake up” the brain’s sensing system.

drinking pure coffee in the morning is not confused

when you are reluctantly pulled up in the morning, you can try to pour yourself a cup of java coffee. Caffeine will stimulate your nervous system, and you will feel more awake and alert. According to personal preference, some people like sweet coffee, but it should be noted that low-fat or skimmed milk is added instead of spoonfuls of sugar. This is because if you add a lot of cream or a lot of sugar, it will not only affect your waistline, but these substances will not be able to provide long-term energy for the human body. Pure milk can supply protein and carbohydrate for human body, which helps to keep blood sugar stable for a longer time.

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