Drinking orange juice can improve brain health

Drink orange juice can improve brain health

drink orange juice can improve brain health

study found that drinking orange juice every day can improve the brain power of the elderly. Citrus fruits are rich in & lt; Flavonoids;. If the elderly insist on drinking orange juice every day for two months, they can improve their memory, language fluency and brain reaction time by nearly 10%. During the

trial, the team asked 37 healthy volunteers aged 60-81 to drink 500 ml of orange juice every day for 8 weeks. The researchers measured their memory, brain reaction time and language fluency before and after the experiment, and gave each participant a total score. In less than two months, participants’ scores increased by 8% and their mental abilities improved significantly.

, the author of the Research Report and researcher of the school of psychology, said that flavonoids can improve memory by activating the signal pathway in the hippocampus, which is mainly responsible for learning and memory. If a memory segment is repeatedly mentioned in a short time, the hippocampus will transfer it to the cerebral cortex and become permanent memory.

although many fruits and vegetables contain flavonoids, citrus fruits contain flavanone, which is one of the most easily absorbed flavonoids. It is the first time that flavonoids in citrus fruits can improve brain power. So researchers suggest adding a certain amount of orange juice to your diet every day can improve your brain health.

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