Drinking too much water is not good for your health!

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Drinking too much water is not good for your health!

drinking too much water is not good for your health!

it’s almost common sense to drink eight glasses of water every day, but is it really good for us to drink so much water? A study has shown that drinking too much water can activate the mechanism of swallowing inhibition in the brain. Once we go beyond this inhibition mechanism, we will face the risk of water poisoning, which is commonly known in medicine; Hyponatremia;. Hyponatremia is a disease caused by too much water in the human body and too low sodium in the blood. It can lead to drowsiness, nausea, convulsions and even coma. If it is not treated in time, it may die within a few hours.

it’s healthier to drink water when you feel thirsty

it’s right to drink water according to your body’s needs. It’s healthier to drink water when you feel thirsty than to make a precise drinking schedule. We found that drinking too much water requires swallowing, which means we have to overcome some resistance. Marathoners in some cases die from drinking too much water, because they blindly follow the advice that they should drink too much water, and ultimately drink far more than their body needs.

functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is used to measure the activities of various parts of the brain. It mainly reflects the transient reaction of the brain before swallowing. The participants were asked to take a water test after exercise in two situations: when they were very thirsty and when they were asked to drink too much water. The results showed that the workload of swallowing mechanism increased three times after drinking too much water. But scans showed that when participants drank too much water, the prefrontal cortex was more active than usual. Researchers believe that only when frontal lobe intervention goes beyond swallowing mechanism can people realize the behavior of drinking water. It should be noted that the elderly usually do not get enough water and should be observed for their fluid intake.

if water enters the body faster than it can be removed, electrolytes in the blood will change, which will cause water to enter cells and organs such as the brain through the blood, thus affecting its function.

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