Driving sleepy, don’t just pinch your thighs, teach you how to drive away sleepiness when driving

fatigue driving is harmful to others and yourself. A survey in the United States shows that all kinds of traffic accidents caused by insomnia or fatigue account for 41% – 54% of the total traffic accidents, and increase the risk of death in traffic accidents by five times. Here’s how to drive away sleepers while driving.

Why do you feel sleepy when driving?

the fatigue of drivers is mainly the fatigue of nerves and sensory organs, mainly the fatigue of limbs caused by keeping a fixed posture for a long time and poor blood circulation. When the driver sits in a fixed seat for a long time, his range of action is limited to a certain extent, his attention is highly concentrated, he is busy judging the information outside the car, and his mental state is highly nervous, resulting in driving fatigue such as blurred eyes, backache, slow reaction and inflexibility.

this situation is more obvious in summer. The high temperature in summer, the high temperature in the car, the slow air circulation, especially in the afternoon, is the time when the human body is very easy to get sleepy. At this time, if driving on the highway with a single road environment, such an environment will produce high-speed hypnotic effect and aggravate the driver’s sleepiness.

The following items are also the conditions for drivers to feel sleepy while driving:

1, sleep quality: insomnia or going to bed too late, poor sleep quality or drowsiness. How to drive away sleepers while driving? Avoid high-risk driving time. Early morning and 3:00-4:00 p.m. are the time when people are most likely to be sleepy. They are prone to traffic accidents due to dozing and mental wandering. It is best to avoid driving during this period.

2. Stop for a nap. If you drive a long distance, you can park in a safe place and take a nap. During the day control in half an hour, night can sleep an hour and a half, in order to clear your mind.

3. Use light to drive away drowsiness. Light can help regulate the biological clock, inhibit the secretion of melatonin and reduce drowsiness. Therefore, if you drive at night, you might as well stop and go to the roadside shop or supermarket to buy something, and use the light there to drive away sleepiness.

4. Reduce the interior temperature. If the car is too warm and comfortable, it will aggravate drowsiness. In summer, you can use the air conditioner in the car to lower the temperature. In winter, you may as well open the window for a while to blow cold air.

5. Wash your face in cold water. Before driving, you can wash your face with cold water to stimulate your sympathetic nerve and clear your mind.

6. Chewing gum. Do rhythmic activities, such as chewing gum, singing and so on, can stimulate the brain to secrete serotonin, make the mind clear, emotional calm. Therefore, you may as well chew a piece of gum or listen to some favorite music while driving, but it is better not to listen to music that is too slow or intense to prevent traffic accidents.

7. Have a cup of coffee half an hour before driving. Caffeine can stimulate the brain and keep people awake and refreshed, but it takes 15-30 minutes to take effect after drinking it. Therefore, before driving for half an hour, you can drink a cup of coffee or green tea as appropriate.

8. Have some sweets. Glucose is the only source of nutrition for the brain. Before driving, you can eat some cakes or candy to quickly raise the blood sugar level, supplement nutrition for the brain and keep awake.

9. The aroma of rosemary, mint and eucalyptus has a refreshing effect. Before driving, you might as well drop a few drops of this kind of plant essential oil in the car to help keep your mind clear on the way.

10. Massage acupoints. Stimulating related acupoints can also clear your mind and drive away drowsiness. There are zhongchong (middle finger tip Center) and Hegu (hukou) in the hand; There are Fengfu (the middle of the neck, 1 inch above the hairline) and Baihui (the intersection of the midline of the top of the head and the line between the two ear tips) on the head; There are foot Linqi (the lateral side of the dorsum of the foot, the joint between the metatarsal bones of the fourth toe and the little toe) and Yinbai (the medial side of the big toe, 0.1 inch away from the toe nail angle). Before driving, you can massage one or two acupoints for a few minutes.

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