Dry body diet helps you moisturize

Dry body diet helps you moisturize

dry body diet helps you moisturize

for most northern areas, the indoor air is particularly dry during the heating season. When many people get up in the morning, they often feel dry mouth, sore throat, hot and dry body, dry skin, and even dry eyes.

in these cases, many people’s first reaction is to drink more water. In fact, the effect of pure water is often not the best, because it will quickly pass through the digestive tract, enter the blood, and then be discharged from the kidney, moistening the throat and digestive tract mucosa for a short time.

if the body is not feeling well due to lack of water, you can consider the way to replenish water. Compared with pure water, water with a small amount of carbohydrates (such as sugar, starch, various plant gums) is much better. Because carbohydrate is a kind of hydrophilic material, they will absorb a lot of water molecules, delay the absorption rate of water, and prevent them from being excreted quickly. In this way, there will be more time to make the gastrointestinal mucosa feel moist. Among the small molecular sugars, fructose has the best hygroscopic effect. Use the honey rich in fructose and warm water to make a cup of light honey water. Swallow it slowly, and your throat will feel much more comfortable. Fruit also contains a lot of fructose, such as grapes, pears, bananas, persimmons are rich in fructose. In addition, tremella soup is rich in tremella polysaccharide, which is also a good tonic drink.

the second reason for drying is vitamin A deficiency. This is because vitamin A is necessary for the synthesis and repair of epithelial tissue. If it is seriously insufficient, the resistance of skin and mucous membrane will be reduced, the secretion of mucus and sebum on the surface will be reduced, and the mucosal immune function will also be reduced. Vitamin A deficiency is characterized by dry and horny epidermis, protruding hair follicles, rough and firm skin to the touch, and even dry eyes. Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin that likes to coexist with cholesterol. It is found in liver, kidney, high-fat sea fish, egg yolk and cream. Unfortunately, the amount of these foods consumed by modern people is very small, viscera and egg yolk often dare not eat, milk also drink defatted. Carotene in plant-based foods can also be converted into vitamin A in the human body, but only orange and dark green vegetables are rich in carotene, such as carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, spinach, mustard, sweet potato leaves and other green vegetables with black green leaves. In case of dry eyes, it’s best to take vitamin A capsules or cod liver oil under the guidance of a professional at the same time of food supplement.

the third reason for dryness is improper diet, eating too much spicy, salty and dry food, which increases water consumption. Too much salt into the blood vessels, will increase the osmotic pressure of the blood, causing blood pressure rise, but the water in the tissue is reduced, will naturally cause dryness. When salt leaves the body, it takes away a lot of water, making the body drier. Although pepper will not increase the osmotic pressure of human blood, it will accelerate the blood circulation of the skin, heat the body and increase sweating. This will also cause water loss. Fried foods, such as fried peanuts, fried sunflower seeds and baked nuts, are originally low moisture foods, which are processed at high temperature to remove moisture and form a very dry state. The proteins in it are hydrophilic substances, and they are eager to get back the water lost in processing. Therefore, as soon as these foods enter the mouth, the water in the oral cavity and throat mucosa will be taken away mercilessly, making people’s throat and mouth dry. At the same time, these fried goods often contain high salt, which makes the delicate mucosa worse. Therefore, although nuts have high nutritional value, they should not be eaten without restriction. We should choose products with less salt, and do not eat more than a handful every day.

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