Dumpling culture with traditional characteristics round and healthy dumpling stuffing

dumplings originated from ancient jiaozi. The original name of dumpling; Jiaoer & quot;, It was first invented by Zhang Zhongjing, a medical sage of Nanyang people in China. It has a history of more than 1800 years. It is a kind of traditional food, also known as dumpling, which is deeply loved by the Chinese people. It is a staple food and local snack in China, and also a festival food. Dumplings are usually made of dough and water. Let’s go and have a look next!

It seems that dumplings are always closely related to all kinds of festivals. No matter what festival or solar term, we should eat dumplings first; Dumplings & quot; After 1800 years of development, dumplings have been sublimated into a culture, a spirit and a feeling. Dumplings are shaped like Yuanbao, homophonic & lt; Jiaozi;, Take & quot; Younger and younger; It also means good luck, great wealth and good luck. Eating dumplings also means eating last year’s troubles and disappointments, praying for peace and happiness in the new year and family reunion.

The culture of dumpling stuffing

celery stuffing means diligence, so it is called diligence dumpling

diligence: diligence, diligence; Frequent, frequent (frequent) a continuous stream, called the money. It is a blessing for the continuous material wealth; It’s also a blessing for diligence and pragmatism.

leek stuffing – meaning long money, so it is called long money dumpling

long: long time, long time, long money. It is the material wealth of praying for a long time; What’s more, it’s a blessing for eternity. I hope people will be healthy, harmonious, happy and happy for a long time.

Cabbage stuffing means “Baicai”, so it’s called “Baicai dumpling”

. The quantifier means “Baizhong” and “Baizhong”, which means “Baicai”. Praying for all kinds of wealth; Or for the best wishes for the newlyweds to grow old together.

mushroom stuffing – it means to drum up wealth, so it means to drum up wealth dumpling

drum: it means to rise high and protrude, the shape of mushroom is like an upward arrow, or it means to drum up and fill up the stock market, which means to drum up wealth; Or to express the best wishes to the younger generation.

So it’s very important to make dumplings healthy. How to make a healthy dumpling?

dumplings have skin and stuffing. The main ingredient of dumpling skin is carbohydrate, which belongs to our staple food. Dumpling skin is almost the same, which is made of water and noodles. If you want more nutrition, better taste and appearance, you can choose some vegetables you like to squeeze juice instead of water and noodles.

and the most important fillings have a variety of different combinations and tastes. From a healthy point of view, we should choose the combination of meat and vegetables for dumpling fillings. Vegetables can provide a variety of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber for our bodies. In the process of making vegetables into fillings, we should try our best to retain the vegetable juice and its nutrients to the greatest extent, Meat to choose lean meat, which can provide our body with high quality protein.

when making dumpling stuffing, it should be less oil and less salt, because meat already contains fat, too much oil will be too greasy. In addition, some vegetarian friends can put some bean products in dumpling stuffing to supplement high-quality protein.

Let’s introduce some healthy dumplings!

1. Celery pork

celery contains apigenin A and apigenin B. these two substances can dilate blood vessels and play a role in reducing blood pressure. In addition, celery has the functions of nourishing blood and tonifying deficiency, diuresis and detumescence, clearing heat and detoxification, and removing irritability. Eating celery in the new year also means diligence and diligence.

2. Carrot mutton

mutton is warm in nature. It has the functions of Tonifying Qi and nourishing blood, warming kidney, preventing cold hands and feet, helping digestion and relieving cough. Carrots have the effects of clearing liver and improving eyesight, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipid, promoting digestion, beauty and beauty. Dumplings filled with carrot and mutton are delicious and warm.

3. Beef onion

onion has a pungent aroma, which can remove the fishy smell of beef, and it tastes better with beef. Beef protein content is high, fat content is low, onion nutrition is rich, has the effect of reducing blood pressure, blood fat, etc., beef onion stuffing dumplings is very suitable for patients with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, anemia.

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