E-commerce is a serious disaster area for the proliferation of fake goods. In detail, online shopping fraud often uses black tricks

. Now online shopping has become a new way of consumption. However, e-commerce is also a serious disaster area for the proliferation of fake goods. Especially in the face of fake goods and after-sales problems, it is difficult for consumers to protect their rights. So what are the pitfalls in online shopping? Let’s take a look at it with you.

Low price

because there is a big gap between the production cost of genuine goods and fake goods, so in order to meet the demand of consumers for low price, some businesses choose to sell fake goods, or real goods and fake goods together.

after sales service is not guaranteed.

is mainly for home appliances, because many home appliances need to be installed and debugged after purchase, but many Internet businesses just sell, install and after-sales service because they don’t have their own after-sales service power. Or when consumers encounter product installation, repair and maintenance, they leave it to the manufacturer and pass the buck to each other.

sales promotion

the so-called sales promotion, in fact, is very small, it is very difficult for consumers to grab the goods, there is no goods, false bid low price, just see can’t buy; Or first increase the market price of goods, and then discount. In fact, the discount price is not much different from the usual commodity price, so we can fully use the discount to attract consumers.

But with the following six tips, you can easily find out the fake.

look at the brand authorization of youmuyou

. When you see your favorite goods, watch hands are quick to spend a lot of money to buy them. First, open the product page and find the identity symbol in the lower right corner; Brand authorization & quot; Mark of honor, don’t be blinded by those little red guys who have no identity. They have big eyes with beautiful pupils.

to see if the seller’s reputation is true

shopping is like looking for a pot friend. The opening date can’t be less. If the reputation reaches a crown in half a year, it’s just as unreliable as LV ziqiao’s half a year crazy brush love value turns into LV Xiaobu. Buyer evaluation is also very important. The products that bitas get are much more reliable than the products you just look at the pictures. If there are many buyers who often repeat their purchase or who don’t leave their names here, don’t be silly, my friend. That’s the reputation that comes out! Good men are few in the world, and the real products of good goods are even less on the Internet. Usually, it’s difficult for genuine products to exceed 100 pieces on the Internet, and the code is often incomplete.

compare the price is reliable

cheap no good goods, good goods are not cheap. High sales on the Internet is not necessarily genuine yo. At this time, we need to start to compare similar products and choose a compromise price.

to see whether the address of the shop is fake

to see what you want to buy, you should also see whether the location of the shop is directly related to the location of the factory. Now most of Taobao’s bags are in Guangzhou, and most of its clothes are in Guangdong and Fujian.

to see if the seller’s pictures are beautiful

the real good things dare to face the test of the masses, the real authentic photos are generally self portraits. Although he didn’t use all kinds of artifact blessing, his handsome is still so obvious. Although you have the ability not to explain the details of the baby, sometimes it’s very simple, but 360 degree details make you fall in love with his beauty.

online shopping has become a new way of consumption, which is accepted and popular by Internet users. Separation & lt; 11” Also more and more near, the corn combed the online shopping fraud habitual trick, did some prevention tips, only for your reference.

Online shopping fraud trick:

low price, lead you to pay.

, the fraudulent suspect often establishes his own e-commerce website or releases false sales information through famous and large e-commerce websites, so as to use the so-called &quot. Ultra low price& quot; Smuggled goods& quot; Duty free goods& quot; Contraband & quot; Selling all kinds of products in the name of & quot; etc. & quot; Reduce handling charge & quot& quot; Long time to pay & quot& quot; Quick Trading & quot; Wait for an excuse to persuade the victim not to pass & quot; Alipay " Instead, the victim is required to deposit the cash directly into the designated account. After the money arrives, there is no shopping information and the victim directly commits fraud.

various names, serial fraud.

the fraud suspect released some inexpensive advertising information on the Internet, promising &quot. Cash on delivery& quot; Home delivery;, But there’s a deposit. After defrauding the first deposit, they will continue to make up various reasons (such as the need to continue to pay the risk deposit, deposit, tax and other fees) to continue to defraud. Many buyers are worried that they have paid the deposit in vain before, and they will involuntarily remit money again or several times according to the requirements of the swindler, falling into the continuous fraud trap of the swindler until the victim finds that they have been cheated.

the object does not conform to the reality, and the false is confused with the true.

such suspect mobile phone also sends goods to the victim after receiving the payment, but the value of the goods received by the victim is far lower than the value of the goods purchased by the victim, such as the remittance mail order is a brand name mobile phone, and the returned phone is only a plaything phone for children. Some even send only an empty goods packing box, so as to push the responsibility and contradiction to the logistics company or post office, causing disputes between the logistics company and the buyer, and covering up the fact of real fraud.

phishing website, lurking deep.

one is the traditional phishing way of false links& ldquo; In the process of online shopping, when the netizen wants to pay on the third-party payment platform, he links to the false page made by the fraudster, which is very similar to the original online shopping website in terms of page form and deduction amount, and the amount paid through the false page automatically enters the fraudster’s account& rdquo; Second, the current more serious Trojan fishing& ldquo; This is a more hidden and terrible way. When the computer is infected with this trojan virus, the Trojan program will automatically generate another transaction in the background from the payment platform to the bank deduction link in the online shopping transaction. The new transaction points to a new account, and the bank deduction automatically goes to the account of the lawless elements, but the netizens are not aware of it& rdquo;

Police prompted

not to use

online shopping, special cards, separate a bank card for online shopping, and ensure payment security through the three party payment platform, such as Alipay and an Fu Tong. Keep only small cash deposits in the bank card.

don’t be greedy

although things on the Internet are generally cheaper than things on the ground, we must be vigilant against obviously low price goods and don’t be easily deceived. Consumers should know something about the goods they buy, including the current market price, so as to verify the authenticity of the information left by online sellers.

don’t trust

. Don’t believe the marketing information received on QQ, SMS and other network tools. These marketing information is mostly a fraud.

don’t be careless

try to go to a large, well-known, credit system and security shopping website to buy the goods you need. After receiving the goods, you should check them face to face. You should be very careful about the seller’s deposit requirements.

not at random

try not to use the public computer for shopping, payment and other operations, and do not easily disclose your network account number, credit card account number and password to strangers. If you find that there are website publishing bad, illegal information and suspected fraud, or have fallen into the network fraud trap, you should report to the public security organ in time.

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